I believe embracing and celebrating your sacred, sexual power is what this world needs for the next wave of planetary consciousness…

 I believe you are magic: your body is magic, your sexuality is magic and your unique expression of who you are in this world is magic.  ▼ I believe you are worthy of total sexual freedom, living wild in your sexual expression, and exploring your desires without a guilt-ridden dogma haunting your life.  I believe you get to create your own belief system around sexuality, relationships and love, and live that out in an empowered way, free of trauma and guilt.  I believe you are already important aspect of the interconnected web of life.  I believe you are worthy of a fulfilling, integrated and ecstatic sexual life, just as all beings in this world are worthy of having an autonomous sexuality, free from abuse and violence and trauma, full of healing and empowered love.   I believe you deserve to move from your sexual blockages or trauma into feeling completely whole and Divine in who you are–to live expressively in your naturally turned-on body, free of shame, guilt or fear.

Which is why I am here on this planet, doing this work. 


is sneaky dogma that creeps into your psyche and belief systems, often unnoticed and unnamed.

Even when you don’t subscribe to The Gospel of Sex Shame, it still manages to impact your thoughts, actions and experiences in the world (not to mention sex life!). 

▼ Do you live with religious or cultural guilt, shame or fear around your sexuality…
         and want to rediscover your wild, divinely-given sexual pleasure and power?
▼ Is expressing yourself as a fully empowered sexual being a missing component in your spirituality…
         and you’re desiring a fulfilling and transformational relationship with your sexuality and sex life?
▼ Do you feel blocked and stuck in life because of sexual abuse or ancestral trauma…
         and want to move forward, feeling completely whole in all of who you are?

YOU can have the integrated, sacred, empowered and authentic sexuality YOU desire.

Hi, I’m Rachel Halder (though many call me Rae) and I’m a Sacred Sexuality Specialist, Transformation Coach & Alchemy Activator.

I specialize in working with spiritual seekers: the activists, breaker of chains, destroyers of paradigms, lightworkers, culture-makers and nature lovin’ healers of the world who feel disconnected from their sexuality and desire integrating it into all aspects of life.

I serve the world by helping people bridge their spirituality with their sexuality through a proven step-by-step methodology utilizing modern neuroscience, shadow work, underworld journeying, and ancient Tantric and Taoist techniques and pleasure practices to transform trauma, heal sexual wounds and tap into the natural pleasure and ecstatic capacities within the body.

I can show you how to deepen your intuitional connection to your body, how to trust after trauma, how to alchemize sexual shame and fear into divine pleasure and ecstasy, and how to transform sexual blocks into spiritual connection and intimacy with self, spirit and others.

Healing your sexuality is sacred activism. Self-pleasure is sacred medicine. And empowering your sexual self is a deep, transformative process that not only shifts all aspects of your life, but also creates a profound healing imprint on the universal whole.

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More questions? Email me at rae@raehalder.com