Somatic Soul Work

Experience Advanced Somatic Offerings to Root your Business, Life, Love and Self 

Transformation happens when you’re able to tap into the intuition, intelligence and unique beauty of your body’s story, embodying your truth and essence.


I believe in the potent power of somatic “healing” that comes when we stop trying to “fix” ourselves and instead love all that we are now, moving towards ourselves from there.


 ▼ I believe in using somatic tools at the intersection of body, spirit, energy, science, mystery, and magic to meet parts of ourselves previously neglected or shamed.


I believe with the right conditions, right pace, right timing and right “medicine,” healing is possible (though it may be a lifelong journey, which doesn’t have to be filled with pain.)


Who is Rae Halder

Hi! I’m Rachel (commonly known as Rae). I currently live in the Sangre de Cristo mountains in New Mexico, the original home of the Tiwa.

I am a writer, thought-leader, coach, teacher and guide in the trauma, somatic and embodiment fields. I love working with coaches, healers and leaders who’ve done all “the work” and yet still sense there are unseen life-degenerating patterns dictating their reality, or their client’s experiences in life.

Certified in over 10 different healing modalities, with a decade of experience with some of the most advanced trainings around trauma resolution, sexual liberation and collective healing under my belt, I have a unique, mystical, and energetic approach to trauma healing + pleasure, and a deep-rooted sense of the dark feminine path (a path of being and accepting, as opposed to a mental knowing and rejection).

The Journey into Somatic Soul Work

What did it take to soften into me?

Through a deeply knowledgeable and embodied trauma-centered lens, my 10+ years of expertise in trauma resolution has led to potent body, heart, soul, energy, and mind-based curriculum and offerings that help you process life-degenerating experiences, trauma, emotions, triggers, patterns, and “stuck” points holding you back from deep soul embodiment.


My work and offerings don’t just focus on the personal – unlike most modern forms of therapy – but include examining the systems we developed in, including family systems and systems of oppression.

I believe our personal stories include collective, earth, and ancestral stories, and therefore those aspects must be a part of the healing we do, too. Your story isn’t just an isolated experience or event but rather fits into the larger story of existence.

Somatic Soul Work is centered in choice, cooperation, consent and right pacing for you to come back home to yourself and access your own inherent embodied understanding, wisdom and strength. It’s not about what I or anyone else thinks you “should” do. Nor is it even about the modalities I’ve studied or trained in. Rather, Somatic Soul Work is discovering what you unique body is “speaking” and allowing it to lead you “home.”


This work isn’t about “fixing” or “saving” you.

It is about meeting and marrying your own soul.


The Six Pillars of Somatic Soul Work

Somatic Soul Work offers healing and teaching containers built around six interconnected pillars.



Connecting into right relationship with the 6 pillars of Somatic Soul Work — having them build upon each other through the gestation process as we work together through different programs — is a ritualistic, embodied and therapeutic experience designed to help you delve deep into your own healing and then resurface to show up for the work with others clients, partners, friendships, family, and collective change and transformation.

▼ Soul

The first pillar is about finding a deep connection within ourselves and our original blueprint of wholeness that is integral to who we are as humans.

Who am I as a soul self?

Unfortunately, we often receive imprints from the world around us — physical, energetic, spiritual, emotional and/or relational trauma — that cover up the natural blueprint of remembrance.

This pillar focuses on safety and self-trust, the foundation of rooting into that blueprint inside of self, knowing it’s our soul’s journey to remember and rebirth.


Being a human being in a body can often feel like a complex thing. At its core, Somatic Soul Work is all about developing a secure attachment system to self, earth, and creation. With proper neuroception–an ability to feel what is dangerous versus what is safe–we can act upon the instincts of the body in aligned ways.

The second pillar of this work focuses on how we use the body to navigate and understand the world, and how we heal the body to better show up in the world. We go deep into understanding nervous system dynamics, and how to work with threat and freeze responses inside the body.



Our bodies and earth are one. We are cyclical beings, just as the earth is a cyclical being. We are wild beings, just as the earth is a wild being. There is darkness, and there is light.

Somatic Soul Work dances with animism and the concept that everything is alive and constantly communicating with us, just as we are communicating with it.

This pillar is about learning to communicate with the earth, how to ground into the natural cycles of life, how to be with the earth for stability, and how to grieve or rage about the destruction of our planet, and the interconnection of it all.


Your story, your history, your trauma, your body, your beliefs, and your experiences didn’t start with you. We are connected to far more than just ourselves and our immediate environment. Yet the patriarchy has taught us to focus on ourselves, solely. We don’t tend to the ancestors’ whispers–the stories of our lineages or bloodlines- and how they still live inside our body. 

Our ancestry and lineage play a role in how we can show up in our lives. Many of us carry shame around our ancestor’s stories, or we haven’t differentiated their pain from our own. With Somatic Soul Work, we can tap into the resources of our ancestors, and use them as support, guidance, and embodied healing.


I see spirit as two-fold:

1)  the physical expression of what it means to be a body with a soul

2) the expression of “god” energy in the universe, outside and within self

This isn’t a religious thing. Spirit could refer to god/goddess, the deep feminine, the universe, divinity or energy. It’s not so much about WHAT it is, as it’s how we relate to the experience of something beyond the seen eye. How can we tune into something beyond self and allow it to support? Is there something inherently powerful and divine within Self, that is deeply connected and rooted? How can we use spirit to regulate our beings into a sense of belonging? How can we be with spirit to remember our life force energy?



The erotic is life force energy. It is also death. It is regeneration. It is creation. It is the deep, spiritual, emotional and physical feeling behind all actions (shout out to Audre Lorde for her definition of the erotic).

Somatic Soul Work is about tapping into your life force, expression, creativity and magic that comes through your body, finding healing and integrative ways for this energy to come through.

How have we been conditioned to view “sex”? How do we embrace our erotic nature, in the body we’re given, aligned and rooted to all that is? How do we tap into this feeling of love that empowers us? How do we find a feeling of home with “eros”?

My offerings

Now Available

▼ Finding Flow

8-week Program

Advanced Nervous System Care for Thawing Freeze Dynamics

▼ Finding Flow

8-week Program

Advanced Nervous System Care for Thawing Freeze Dynamics

▼ Why We Freeze

Live Workshop

Unshaming This Intelligent Trauma Response

Online courses

In Person offerings

Experience the luxury of an in-person session from my home in New Mexico or Online.


Message me for more information.


Sacred, Sexy & Whole

Undressing Purity Culture,

Redressing Redemption


is sneaky dogma that creeps into your psyche and belief systems, often unnoticed and unnamed.

Even when you don’t subscribe to The Gospel of Sex Shame, it still manages to impact your thoughts, actions and experiences in the world (not to mention sex life!).

▼ Do you live with religious or cultural guilt, shame or fear around your sexuality…
and want to rediscover your wild, divinely-given sexual pleasure and power?

▼ Is expressing yourself as a fully empowered sexual being a missing component in your spirituality…
and you’re desiring a fulfilling and transformational relationship with your sexuality and sex life?

▼ Do you feel blocked and stuck in life because of sexual abuse or ancestral trauma…

and want to move forward, feeling completely whole in all of who you are?

YOU can have the integrated, sacred, empowered and authentic sexuality YOU desire.

What others are saying about working with Rae

It’s crazy to think that just 5-6 months ago the idea of feeling safe in my body felt like a foreign concept because it feels so embodied now!


Mind blown. Before working with Rachel, I didn’t believe that I would ever be able to move beyond some of the stuck, painful moments that I have been carrying in my body for decades. I can now confidently say that I fully believe healing is possible for me, and that I have been given the skills and resources to personally take these steps. 

- Natasha Files, therapist, Vancouver, Canada. 1-on-1 client of Rachel

Since working with Rae, I have felt an opening that allows me to connect so much deeper with others sexually and with my own pleasure. I feel a renewed sense of excitement, ease, and aliveness.

- I. Free, Portland, OR, 1-on-1 client of Rachel

 I have learned so much, including how important it is to validate my feelings, how trauma responses play out in my body and in my life, and tools to continue using as I navigate intensity in the world and life experiences.

- Taryn Weil, Life + Business Coach for Creatives and Entrepreneurs. 1-on-1 client of Rachel

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