Re-Birthed & Rooted


When we move forward TOGETHER, rooted in our bodies and souls, knowing our lineages, feeding our beings, and tuning into the deep, transformational healing powers of erotic pleasure…

we become powerful stewards of the souls, bodies, earth, lineages, spirit and sexualities of all. May Re-birthed & Rooted be a homecoming to sovereignty, self-knowledge and self-empowerment.


Re-birthed & Rooted is a space to build relationship to the ecosystem of Self, the world, the earth and the unseen realms.

The earth knows how to heal itself. If left to its own devices it becomes a powerful regenerative force, eventually working through imbalances. If given the right conditions and medicine such as space, time, presence, self-trust and the right container and facilitation, we too can return to our inherent, healthy and resilient nature.

Re-birthed & Rooted is a space to remember the natural ways in which we heal.

We work with undigested life experiences in your body and energy field. We heal by listening to your capacity, your pace and your unique needs so that you can have a vibrant and integrated life. 

Re-birthed & Rooted is a coaching program and mastermind created to find deeper belonging.

To self, to your body and soul, to others, to the earth, to your ancestry and lineage, to spirit, and to your sexuality – through listening to and understanding your unique and individual path, and following the inherent treatment plan within your body.

In this nuanced and multi-faceted space we celebrate, honor and hold room for ALL of the human experience, while remembering and returning to who you are at a core level, so that you can build a home within you.

Take Root within Yourself.

Rebirth Yourself with Wider Capacity and Healed Sustainability to Show up for Collective transformation in this changing world.

Join me on a 9-month journey, from gestation to rebirth, and experience a facilitation of healing and transformation via…

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) parts work so you can feel centered, grounded and strong in your sense of Self, and how to carefully guide yourself back to that place when life, love and the world interferes.
  • Somatic Trauma Resolution (via Somatic Experiencing, ReBloom coaching methodology, and Alchemical Alignment: Bodywork for Trauma Resolution and Embodiment of Spirit) so you can receive embodiment exercises and resourcing tools for dysregulation or when you feel out of sorts, overwhelmed, anxious, frozen or numb.
  • VITA™ Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching so you can begin accessing your alive, sensual, primal and original sexual nature, while understanding the inhibiting patterns playing out in your system around sexual energy. 
  • Craniosacral healing and energy work so you can clear energetic patternings in your body and anchor into your knowing, showing up in more alignment with your business, clients, community, relationships, family and your spiritual growth journey. 
  • Energetic Justice and anti-oppression work so you can lean into and show up to these times, while understanding the cyclical nature of collective transformation: the expansion and collapse + the regenerative change and the need for rest. 
  • Ancestral Healing & Animism so you can grow deep roots from your Self while connecting to the earth, your ancestry, and the root system of the wider collective.
  • Co-dependency and Attachment Pattern Healing so you can better understand dynamics of merging your field with others, and how to remain more sovereign and in alignment with your truth and reality in all your relationships.

At the core of this container lies the question that I return to again, and again, as I face internal chaos in myself and collective chaos in the world:

Can I be with these times and energies and intensity in my body, and use it as a catalyst to grow deeper roots and (re)connect to myself even more than before?

Body, Soul & Spirit Repair :: Softness :: Slowness :: Safety :: Trust :: Energy :: Creativity :: Alchemy :: Birth & Death :: Cycles :: Pleasure :: Magic :: Wisdom Ways :: Ancestors :: Grounding :: Earth

Re-birthed & Rooted is a 9-month container designed to help you connect to yourself AND to something larger through ritual, embodiment, somatic healing exercises, collective sharing and deep energetic healing meditations. It is not a “business” container per se, but it IS a space best suited for coaches, healers, mystics, seekers and individuals who have been on a spiritual path or self-development journey for some time, and are looking for a literal rebirth into depth of self, transformation, and embodied knowing and somatic understanding like never before. This profound nervous system training ground will impact your business, relationships, clients, family and the way you hold space for others in all areas of life.

Who is Rebirthed & Rooted for?

Are you one of those people who have done all “the work?” You have the coaching certifications, you’ve done the tantra workshops, you’ve paid for endless masterminds and business programs, you’ve seen a sex coach, a therapist, a reiki master and you’ve read ALL the instagram memes about healing and nervous system regulation,  yet you still feel like something is missing?

Rebirthed & Rooted is for intuitive, powerful and somewhat “spiritual” beings with a purpose, looking for an advanced somatic and energetic training so you can be more embodied and rooted with yourself, clients, relationships and life.

Maybe right now you find yourself in people-pleasing patterns or work and life situations without boundaries?

Or possibly things are going really well and then one afternoon you have a hard conversation with your partner, and suddenly you’re in a bad mood and can’t shake, feeling hopeless and helpless in the world?

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed and anxious with the state of the world? You finally feel like you’re coming into your body, only to be told that the government is actually in control of it now. Everything is going to sh*t and you have no idea how to keep your cool with your kids while the world is on fire.  

Or you’re helping clients work through overwhelm and intimacy, but you’re still struggling to do this for yourself? You never completed those jade egg courses you signed up for. Or you don’t understand the patterns of your own sexuality that repeat themselves, like only getting off to vibrators, or falling into periods of complete shut down. 

Or maybe by the looks of it, life is great! There’s so much to be grateful for, but you can’t shake this feeling of apathy, wondering what you’re doing with your life or when things will finally work out. Facebook feels overwhelming – so much comparison and misery – and reading the news feed makes you want to climb into a cave.

Or you’re a high achiever? Constantly doing and going at the fastest pace. Feeling like what you do will never be enough, over-giving to clients, trying to show up to everyone with endless capacity, feeling depleted after a day of being in the world and interacting with family, clients or friendships. 

All these responses are trauma responses.

And they’re all trauma responses with roots in capitalism, colonialism, an imbalanced patriarchal paradigm, a corrupt new-age me-centered fake spirituality, manipulative marketing, false promises, and codependent “healing work” offered from a place of someone else’s unintegrated trauma and need for power and to save, as opposed to listening to your body and going at the pace of nature for your unique make-up.

These responses are not your fault. It’s the natural way for your body to tell you that the world we live in is unhealthy.

But even with this lack of health, there is a place we can take responsibility to work with these energies that exist in and around our bodies, so we can come into deeper senses of aliveness and thriving. 

This container is for you if you want to work with these responses, not against them.

Rebirthed & Rooted teaches how to master your understanding of what’s happening in your body, and how to see the energetics outside of self that are influencing you, which begins changing all of these experiences in your body and energetic field. It starts widening your capacity to be with what is, and how to find regulation even in intensity.

This doesn’t make the overwhelm of the world go away, but it does help you show up better in it.

Rebirthed and Rooted is for you — a person with a profound purpose — who needs to show up in the world. Who feels called and claimed to be present, integrated, rooted, connected and in right relationship with purpose and pleasure during this chaotic and transformational period in our history.

This is for you if you desire to know what to do with your trauma responses, where to go next, and how to help yourself through ALL the life experiences that will keep coming your way.




You were born knowing how to do this and there is no right or wrong way.

May re-birthed & Rooted be a loving reminder.

The Six Pillars


Re-birthed & Rooted is built around six interconnected pillars that are the focus of this 9-month container. Connecting into right relationship with these pillars — having them build upon each other through the gestation process — is a ritualistic, embodied and therapeutic experience designed to help you delve deep into your own healing and then resurface to show up for the work with others–clients, partners, friendships, family, and collective change and transformation .



The first pillar is about finding a deep connection within ourselves and our original blueprint of wholeness that is integral to who we are as humans.

Who am I as a soul self?

Unfortunately, we often receive imprints from the world around us — physical, energetic, spiritual, emotional and/or relational trauma — that cover up the natural blueprint of remembrance.

This pillar focuses on rooting into that blueprint inside of self, knowing it’s our soul’s journey to remember and rebirth.



The revolution begins within a regulated body. With a secure attachment system to self, earth and creation. With proper neuroception–an ability to feel what is dangerous versus what is safe, and to act upon the instincts of the body in aligned ways.

The second pillar focuses on how we use the body to navigate and understand the world, and how we heal the body to better show up in the world.

We look into our relationship to somatic awareness and our nervous systems, including in relationships to capitalism, racism and sexism. 



Our bodies and earth are one. We are cyclical beings, just as the earth is a cyclical being. We are wild beings, just as the earth is a wild being. There is darkness, and there is light.

This container dances with animism and the concept that everything is alive and constantly communicating with us, just as we are communicating with it.

This pillar is about learning to communicate with the earth, how to ground into the natural cycles of life, and how to grieve and rage about the destruction of our planet, and the interconnection of it all.



Your story, your history, your trauma, your body, your beliefs and your experiences didn’t start with you. We are connected to far more than just ourselves and our immediate environment. Yet the patriarchy has taught us to focus on ourselves, solely. We don’t tend to the ancestors’ whispers–the stories of our lineages, or our bloodlines, and how they still live inside our body. 

Our ancestry and lineage plays a role in how we are able to show up in our lives. Many of us carry shame around our ancestor’s stories, or we haven’t differentiated their pain from our own. Here we can tap into the resources of our ancestors, and use them as support, guidance and embodied healing.



I see spirit as two-fold:

1)  the physical expression of what it means to be a body with a soul

2) the expression of “god” energy in the universe, outside and within self

This isn’t a religious thing. Spirit could refer to god/goddess, the deep feminine, the universe, divinity or energy. It’s not so much about WHAT it is, as it’s how we relate to the experience of something beyond the seen eye. How can we tune into something beyond self, or something inherently powerful within self, that is deeply connected and rooted? How can we use spirit to regulate our beings into a sense of belonging? How can we be with spirit to remember our life force energy? 



6. SEX

The erotic is life force energy. It is also death. It is regeneration. It is creation. It is the deep, spiritual, emotional and physical feeling behind all actions (shout out to Audre Lorde).

This pillar is about tapping into your life force, expression, creativity and magic that comes through your body, finding healing and integrative ways for this energy to come through.

How have we been conditioned to view sex? How do we better embrace our erotic nature, in the body we’re given, aligned and rooted to all that is? How do we tap into this feeling of love that empowers us? How do we find a feeling of home with eros? 

What you receive with this course…


This container spans 9 months and takes you through a journey of rebirth via the six pillars. It offers deep somatic trauma resolution work for the nervous system, and supportive tools to help you engage with the content in a sustainable way (aka a way that doesn’t blow the fuse of your nervous system). It’s 9-months so that you can fully go on a rebirthing journey, with spaciousness and time to evolve at a human pace. 

We generally favor the mind and processing things cognitively, but the truth is, most of our stuff is actually stored deeper within the body and energy systems that operate in and around us. We therefore need to break out of the colonial paradigm of the mind, and move more towards the unseen and unfelt realms of body and energy and spirit beings. 

TWO live classes per month :: CONNECTING ROOT SYSTEMS

Two times a month live educational + embodiment classes–focused on the pillar topics–are offered, along with somatic healing processes. Though it’s a group setting, you’ll be encouraged to go at your own pace, retreating into your inner world in a way that’s doable, manageable and applicable for your nervous system, so that the container is still tailored to you.

Live classes are recorded in case you miss one or need to come back to the materials at a later time.

We’re in a time where capitalistic colonization is crumbling, and we need the tools and resources to move forward in integrity, alignment and transformative depth for all humanity. Not only do we need to do the important work of healing our personal trauma, but we also need to look at the abusive power dynamics of the world, so we can understand the collective trauma we’re entangled with today. These group classes help you understand the interwoven nature of our individual path with the collective energy.


TWO live group coaching calls per month :: FINDING YOUR ANCHOR

Group coaching calls are offered two times a month, where you’ll receive a “hot seat” spot for 10 minutes so you get personalized attention within a supportive container with others. This encourages growth and transformation via witnessing each other, too. If there’s more than 10 people, there will be two pods.

In the face of change, you want to be the leaf that bends with the wind, rather than the tree bark that snaps. Being more connected to yourself allows you to show up in all areas of your life with resiliency, clarity, and a rooted sense of self.

Group coaching gives you the tools you need to strengthen your own root system, while connecting to the collective system.


two private 1-1 coaching sessions :: BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER

This container is a combination of somatic body healing, energetic and electromagnetic field understanding, pleasure activism, ancestry and earth connection, and a deep integration on how to connect and stay rooted in one’s self sovereignty.

You receive two, 75-minute 1-on-1 coaching calls with Rae (plus the ability to pay for more with her or a support coach) to support you in deepening into the 6 pillars, and your somatic and energetic understanding. 

First session will be in the first 2 months to hone in on the current “theme” of your life, understanding imprints and intentions. Second session will be scheduled when it suits best or when you need extra nervous system care. 


You also receive…

☾ Optional Live In-Person Retreat in Taos, New Mexico! Though it won’t be required, there is a live, in-person retreat option in late September 2022 for deepening connections and doing in-person somatic and nature work, so you can experience profound transformation in resonance with other bodies. *No extra retreat cost, but airfare + housing + food not included – more details to come*

☾ Guest teachers. There will be 6 guest speakers coming in to address the pillar topics from an anti-colonization lens, so we can have an intersectional feminist and anti-racist lens when approaching these teachings, transformations and understandings.

☾ Community. This container is purposefully created for a group of people because though 1-1 healing work is potent, healing with others on a similar path leads to exponential growth and transformation. I LOVE leading groups. I LOVE the magic that happens when energies resonate, or when someone says exactly what you were thinking out loud, or even the transformation that comes from interpersonal dynamics and tension. And I love that here you can experience others doing this work with you, knowing you are not alone.

☾ Program platform. A Facebook group for connection and care, plus all the content uploaded on a central group page. You’ll get access to this as long as the Internet is a thing.

Your Investment

Re-birthed & Rooted is a 9-month transformational container designed to hold deep, alchemical and integrative space to help you root into yourself so that you can show up for yourself, your clients, your work or business, your family, and for creating change in our chaotic world, in a stable, vibrant and more healed way.

Price: $6000 USD
(or 9 monthly payments of $675 USD)

* EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (until July 27): 12 monthly payments of $500 *

limited 14 spots available

Who is guiding this transformative journey?

Hi I’m Rachel, though many call me Rae. 

(I was also known as Assana, though I’m moving away from that name — see! You are SO ALLOWED to be a complex human!)

I am a transformational thought-leader, coach and guide in the trauma, somatic and embodiment field. I love working with coaches, healers and leaders who’ve done all “the work” and yet still sense there are unseen life-degenerating patterns dictating their reality.

I am a seasoned practitioner with a decade of experience, with some of the most advanced trainings around trauma resolution, sexual liberation, and collective healing under my belt. I have a unique, mystical and energetic approach to trauma healing + pleasure, and a deep rooted sense of the dark feminine way (a path of being and accepting, as opposed to a mental knowing and rejection). 

My work goes far beyond the typical somatic experiencing principles and enters into the nature and energetic realms of the unseen.

Outside of my Master’s degree where I extensively researched sexual and spiritual healing through neuroscience, trauma recovery and embodied interspirituality, focusing on the spiritual trauma incurred by those marginalized in the Christian Church through sexual suppression/abuse and LGBTQ+ identification, I also… 

I am half-Engish, half-”American,” of English and Swiss-German descent, raised white and middle-class on a farm in the land of the Mesquakie, Sioux, and Ioway people (currently known as Iowa).

I grew up Christian in the Mennonite Church, and currently consider myself a witch with deep Mennonite roots that still inform the way I operate in this world.

In May of 2019 I had a life-changing car crash, a portal that sent me into the deepest underworld journey and initiation passage of my life, that included changing my name, moving to a place I’d never been, entering into a manipulative and controlling cult-like relationship dynamic, having intense and debilitating chronic health issues, becoming pregnant with a light being in a situation that was far out of alignment with my soul, and through it all… a deep rebirth, reclamation and remembrance of who I AM.

This passage was a catalyst of growth and transformation, leading to a deep rebirthing of myself into my “adult” and more sober energy, also known as a maiden to mother journey. 

I’m telling you the roots I come from, because our original roots are a part of our rebirthing and rooted journeys. We have to acknowledge where we came from to know where we are going. The stories of delight and pain that have made us who we are. 

What others are saying about Rooted or 1-on-1 work with Rae…

Mind blown. Before working with Rachel, I didn’t believe that I would ever be able to move beyond some of the stuck, painful moments that I have been carrying in my body for decades. I can now confidently say that I fully believe healing is possible for me, and that I have been given the skills and resources to personally take these steps. 

Being a therapist myself, I initially came into sessions with Rae quite skeptical, but it only took a couple of interactions to realize that this practitioner is a VERY rare gem. Rae’s medicine is a true gift to the earth, and more specifically, to today’s struggling society. Her capacity to hold space and intuitively facilitate is inspiring and I am so glad that I found her because she has taken my personal work to the next level. 

If you are considering working with Rae – whether individually or in one of her programs – I urge you to book a call. Not only does Rae have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom (thanks to her extensive training and commitment to personal work), but she practices from a place of groundedness and intuition that far exceeds that of most other practitioners.

Other practitioners have taught me how to be rescued through my relationship with them. Rachel is teaching me how to be rescued through my relationship with myself. And that, that is worth more than anything. 

- Natasha Files, therapist, Vancouver, Canada. 1-on-1 client of Rachel

I have so many amazing things to say about this woman. I am so grateful for her. As someone that has been doing the work and in this world for over a decade, Rae took my healing to an even deeper level.

I used to try and work harder to achieve healing, and Rae showed me that it gets to be gentle and that I can build my capacity and self trust in the process. She holds the most incredible space and has such a gift of reflecting your process back to you, and explaining it in a way that makes sense. I have learned so much, including how important it is to validate my feelings, how trauma responses play out in my body and in my life, and tools to continue using as I navigate intensity in the world and life experiences.

Rae is one of the best practitioners in the trauma industry and this type of support is unlike anything I have received in other therapy + coaching containers. If you are considering working with her– DO IT! What you learn will benefit all areas of your life, for the rest of your life.

- Taryn Weil, Life + Business Coach for Creatives and Entrepreneurs. 1-on-1 client of Rachel

There are few things I can recommend as wholeheartedly as Rooted. Nearly three years after our container, the seeds we planted are growing and flourishing in a garden of reconnection to my ancestors, creativity with my artwork, and communion with the earth and my body. Many times over the years since the program I have reflected on the moment after my exploration call when I was contemplating the course but hesitating because of cost. Inherited scarcity of resource of all kinds was one of the central things that drew me to the work of Rooted and it is truly some of the best money I have ever spent.

During our pillar of Soul, a series of watercolors was born through me that I have since polished into a form to share and the medicine of the messages I received is now touching my loved ones in the form of my artwork. 

I believe connecting to our ancestry and who we were before colonialism (and still are) is an essential ingredient in anti racist work on Turtle Island. I have yet to find another space quite like the one Rae creates that allows for all of us to show up with an invitation into our deepest truth and healing with a trauma informed, spiritual, emerging and accepting love. 

Before Rooted I was longing for stability within. Despite all external attempts to build a foundation, my inner world would still tremble with change. My life before Rooted was full of doubt, anxiety and scarcity and my life now is … rooted!  I can honestly say that since Rooted, a steady force has strengthened within me. Over the course of Rooted, I stopped “shoulding” myself and relaxed into my body and spirit in a way I wasn’t able to before. While it sounds simple, it was the kind of work that needed to happen in a container of community. I now have a sense of being at home in myself wherever I am and have a strengthened communication to earth, body, ancestors, soul, and spirit. 

If you hear the call to join Rooted I encourage you to accept. I believe this medicine is what our world needs.

- Willow Brooke, 2019-2020 Rooted participant (first iteration of this Container)

I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of the Rooted container. When it started I had recently gotten married and was looking to start a family (I became pregnant a month into the program). I was also longing to locate myself within “the family of things.” I had a general idea of my lineage, but I never really thought to go deeper.

I had always felt there was something missing from the conversation about race that white people were having. When Rae helped us understand that part of what allows white supremacy to flourish is our disconnection from our ethnic roots, a light bulb went on for me. With no connection to our heritage, white supremacy fills that vacuum. Rooted helped to offer another path into true identity.

Rae has such a gift for holding and creating space. Even though we were virtual, the atmosphere and ambiance of our meetings mattered. She cultivated her physical space and encouraged us to do the same. It truly enriched the practice. Rae also guided us with wise questions and intense breathing practices and visualizations. Gently pushing us to dig into ourselves and the container.

It feels like Rooted illuminated so much of what was already inside me. Rae helped lead me into the depths of my psyche to meet parts of myself I’d all but forgotten. And all the while holding and supporting us with such care and knowledge. The process always felt safe, even if it also felt scary at times. I found a boldness within myself while doing Rooted. An unabashed, unafraid, unedited version of myself that was longing to make some noise and break stuff. And then make the broken new again.

Rooted truly changed my life for the better. It was a transformation portal and I came out feeling much more me. I felt untethered to the ideas the world had for who I ought to be and intune with my divine being. I am so grateful to Rae for offering such a blessing.


Start Date

Re-birthed & Rooted will start on August 10th, 2022

limited 14 spots available – email if curious, and have questions or concerns

Re-birthed & Rooted

Re-Birthed & Rooted is a 9-month container designed to help you root into yourself so that you can show up for change in the world.

Price: $6000 USD
(or 9 monthly payments of $675 USD)


* EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (until July 27): 12 monthly payments of $500 *

More questions? Email me at