Mechanics of Merging

Tim DeSutter & Rachel Halder

From Energetic Codependency to Energetic Sovereignty

If you’ve ever wondered…

What are the subtle influences that shape our energetic experiences with others,

What are the intricacies of human connection and energetic entanglement?


This is likely the medicine you have been looking for.



Embrace Your Sovereignty, Empower Your Energy Field

Though rarely discussed or understood, the concept of merging happens everywhere, in so many different dynamics.

Merging awareness is the conscious understanding and recognition of the energetic merging that occurs between individuals on various levels, such as emotional, mental, and spiritual. It involves being aware of the subtle ways in which our energy fields interact and intertwine with others, often leading to the exchange and absorption of emotions, thoughts and even patterns of behavior.

Through this course we teach merging awareness so you can discover the energetic depths of human connection, unlock new dimensions of self-awareness of your energy field and begin comprehending how your energy field intertwines with others.

It’s important to understand merging awareness to remain sovereign of our own energy field so we can learn to discern between our own emotions and those that we absorb from others.

When we are unaware of merging dynamics, we may find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, confused, or emotionally influenced by others without understanding why. Merging awareness allows us to recognize these energetic entanglements and take proactive steps to maintain our individual sovereignty and well-being.


Mechanics of Merging increases your understanding of relational dynamics and helps prevent energetic codependency.

What is merging? 

Merging is the process of energetically blending one’s energy field with another person’s energy field. This usually happens as an unconscious intertwining of electromagnetic fields between individuals.

Merging can occur on various levels including physical, emotional, and energetic.

What is an electromagnetic field?

Many people are suspicious of the concept of “energy,” and yet scientific research has been done to prove that the human body generates electricity that flows through it. This can also be sensed and known as energy. In that sense, the human body also has its own magnetic fields. There’s an electric current produced in the heart that runs through the body and every cell, which generates an overall electromagnetic field around a person.

There can be numerous ways in which a “boundary rupture” happens within a person’s electromagnetic field. One way in which many people experience such a boundary rupture is when they “merge” with other people, meaning their energetic structure opens to receive or penetrate another person’s energetic structure. 

This “merging” results in a loss of self. We lose the natural barrier that is who we are. Just like we have skin that protects the insides of our body, the electromagnetic field is a barrier for things getting inside us energetically. So, just like a thorn can pierce the skin, a merge is a vibrational thorn that’s gotten into the system. If our electromagnetic field is merging with others, we’ve lost container or full ownership and sovereignty of ourselves, which results in a lack of solidity in self. 

This 5-week program, the Mechanics of Merging, is a unique one of a kind course led by Tim DeSutter & Rachel Halder about the deeper understanding of who we are, how we operate, and how we can love ourselves in deeper ways and in relation to others.

What You’ll Learn in this Course

This training is an exploration of merging, its effects on human beings, and how to cultivate a strong sense of sovereignty while engaging with others. 

Our aim is to empower you with the tools and understanding necessary to navigate merging dynamics in a conscious and intentional way so you can stay sovereign rather than merging with others.

In this course we will explore:

  • What merging is 
  • How to become aware of merging
  • The vibrational anatomy of the human body, as in the energetic or vibrational aspects of the human body and its interconnected systems. The human body is not only composed of physical matter but also consists of subtle energy systems that play a vital role in maintaining overall health and well-being.
  • The electromagnetic field and its influence on our thoughts, emotions, and interactions. We will learn how to recognise when and how the electromagnetic field gets thrown off
  • Those who chronically merge and the role that trauma and abuse plays in merging
  • The 4 different ways that people merge: Agenda Merging, Withhold merging, Resonance merging, and Structural breakdown Merging
  • Difference between merging and psychic attacks
  • Merging in intimate relationships and sex
  • Practical Skills for Self-Clearing: Acquire invaluable skills for grounding, cutting entanglements, and maintaining a healthy energetic boundary. Embrace the power of self-awareness and explore the vast white space of personal sovereignty.


What are symptoms of merging? 

 When two persons’ structures have “merged,” this can result in a variety of symptoms including (but not limited to)… 

  • Loss of motor skills : dizziness, tripping over stuff after interacting with someone, cloudy thoughts, emotional dsyregulation.
  • Having a conversation with someone who isn’t in the room — speaking out loud to someone who isn’t there.
  • Being aware of somebody is NOT the same as merging from them. Not being able to get away from an awareness of another person. (Being aware of somebody is NOT the same as merging with them, but feeling an intense pull can be a sign of it.)
  • Highly activated old issues — sometimes triggers are signs of merging, but not necessarily. 
  • Feeling sensations or emotions that don’t feel like you. For example, one could be merged when they say something like, “Wow, I just really don’t feel like myself today.” 
  • Having an impact on the body: feeling sick, absorbing other people’s symbols, transference (body workers can often experience this)

It’s important to recognize though that not all these symptoms = merging! 

Ultimately, it all comes back to personal awareness. What happens for me may not happen for you. Therefore, this course isn’t about teaching you the symptoms as much as it’s about helping you get a more fine tuned understanding of the instrument that is YOU. What that song is is totally dependent and unique to you. We can’t teach you that – but we can teach you how to have deeper energetic awareness around it. 

4 different ways that people merge


When a person desires to have influence or an outcome with another person


When a person isn’t honest about a feeling, emotion, thought or something they’re seeing 


When someone’s wound template or “story” resonates with another’s wound template or “story”

Structural breakdown

When one’s system has been worn down due to travel, illness, substance use, or something else and a loss of container takes place

The opposite of “not merging” is staying sovereign. Ultimately… it’s all about LOVING YOURSELF! (which we understand is easier said than done)


Through staying sovereign you are better able to… 

1. Stay clearer on what is yours and what is someone else’s

2. No longer be as impacted or influenced by others’ emotions or feelings.

3. Reclaim and strengthen personal boundaries.

4. Tap into and be true to your authentic desires.

5. Express your true and authentic self + individual identity.

6. Feel clearer and more secure in who you are.

7. Have more clearly defined ways in which you want to operate in the world. 


Many people have asked: but why WOULDN’T I want to merge with a loved one? 

And it’s true that there are times when merging feels great! People who are in love are often merged. And there are a lot of unconscious ways in which spiritual practices, embodiment work, or energetic sex techniques are actually merging techniques. There’s a lot of confusing teachings around manipulating the electromagnetic field, which doesn’t actually work very well in the long run, because ultimately your electromagnetic field is an expression of you. And it will respond to you and others, and reflect what is happening inside of yourself and in the outer world. When you’re merged with others – even loved ones – you’re no longer receiving an accurate reflection of yourself and the world.

Connecting WITH someone’s energy is a lot more different than connecting INTO someone’s energy. Greatest of all human needs is to feel connected – so it makes sense that we might think of merging as a good thing – but there are consequences that happen from merging, even when we don’t realize we’re engaging in it.

What if you could remain connected without giving away your life force energy?

What if you could remain connected without connecting into the toxicity that someone else carries?

(We all carry toxicity and we have mechanisms to self clear – we don’t need to carry other people’s toxicity, as it’s much harder to clear!)


How much Merging Mechanics?

mechanics of Merging

A 5-Week Journey that includes:

☾ 5 Live workshop and teaching modules

☾ Podia platform + community

 Total price $388*

*Early bird special of $89 off (making it $299) if purchased before December 1

Use code EARLYBIRD89 at check-out

*Payment Plans Available:

2 monthly payments of $194

mechanics of Merging
PLUS 1-on-1

☼ Everything on the Merging Mechanics Option


2 coaching sessions:

☼ one 1-on-1 coaching session with Rachel

one 1-on-1 coaching session with Tim

Total Price $888*

*Payment Plans Available:

2 monthly payments of $444

The details of Merging Mechanics…

☾ 5 Live Workshop Calls on Zoom. This is not a pre-recorded course, you’ll receive 5, 1.5 hour long transformative merging energetics hosted by Tim and Rachel, which will be recorded and uploaded to the Podia group platform after each call so you can still receive the information and learn, even if you can’t attend live. Calls will be on Thursday at 10 AM MDT. 

☾ Program platform. All the content will be recorded and uploaded on Podia, our class platform. Can’t attend live? No worries! There is also access to the community feature on the platform for connection, care and community within the group, so you can follow along and put any questions in there that we can answer on the calls, if you can’t be there. You’ll have access to the Podia site after the course closes.

☾ Community. We LOVE leading groups. The magic that happens when energies resonate, or when someone says exactly what you were thinking out loud, or even the transformation that comes from interpersonal dynamics and tension. And we love that in this container you can experience others doing this work with you, knowing you are not alone. Plus there will be opportunity to see people clear merges, and how one would go about doing that. Even if you can’t attend the classes live, we still consider you part of the community and there will be spaces for you to share your experiences with the material.

☾ OPTIONAL add-on for 1-on-1 coaching with Rachel and Tim. Limited 5 spots available for those who want a deeper dive and wish to add 2 individual coaching sessions, one with Tim and another one with Rachel.


Why learn about merging?

When we have a merge and don’t know what it is, we often go into self-blame. Therefore, learning about merging is like learning a deeper level of compassionate understanding of who we are, how we operate, and how we can love ourselves in deeper ways.

At a very simple level: sovereignty is our birthright. Every time we give that up through merging we’re giving up our birthright, and we are breaking an agreement with ourselves on something.

There’s nothing inherently “wrong” with merging and it doesn’t make us a bad person if we do it. Rather, it’s a learned symptom of how we’ve learned to stay safe or protect ourselves, or a mechanism to keep people close and in connection with us. We can learn though that we don’t need to give up our sovereignty in order to have connection or closeness with others, or to protect ourselves from others in a way that makes us lose aspects of self.

Who is guiding this transformative journey?

Tim DeSutter & Rachel Halder

Tim DeSutter

 Tim DeSutter: Vibrational Wellness Coach

Tim (he/him) has been studying trauma and vibrational wellness for over 25 years and is a master-level coach, teacher, and facilitator. 

Tim specializes in working with people who coach and lead others, helping them expand the impact and quality of their work by clearing trauma patterns, expanding emotional capacity, holding energetic boundaries, and helping them uncover their unique magic and leadership gifts while staying in the power of their integrity and personal sovereignty.

A world traveler, Tim has a global client base and has facilitated workshops around the world. He believes strongly in the power of mind body medicine and the connections between thoughts, emotions, and wellness, and brings into the container the extra awareness around our energetic bodies and how that impacts our leadership.

Rachel Halder: Somatic Trauma Resolution Practitioner

Rachel (she/her), commonly know of as Rae, currently lives in the Sangre de Cristo mountains in New Mexico, the original home of the Tiwa.

She is a writer, thought-leader, coach and guide in the trauma, somatic and embodiment fields. She loves working with coaches, healers and leaders who’ve done all “the work” and yet still sense there are unseen life-degenerating patterns dictating their reality.

Rae is a seasoned practitioner, certified in 10 different healing modalities, with a decade of experience with some of the most advanced trainings around trauma resolution, sexual liberation and collective healing under her belt. She has a unique, mystical, and energetic approach to trauma healing + pleasure, and a deep-rooted sense of the dark feminine path (a path of being and accepting, as opposed to a mental knowing and rejection).

Her work goes far beyond the typical somatic experiencing principles and enters into the nature and energetic or mystical realms of the unseen.

Important Dates

 Merging Mechanics starts on January 4, 2024 and goes until February 1, 2024

Calls will be held on Thursdays from 10:30 AM to 12 PM MDT.

email, facebook message or instagram DM if curious and have questions

How much Merging Mechanics?

mechanics of Merging

A 5-Week Journey that includes:

☾ 5 Live workshop and teaching modules

☾ Podia platform + community

 Total price $388*

*Early bird special of $89 off (making it $299) if purchased before December 1

Use code EARLYBIRD89 at check-out

*Payment Plans Available:

2 monthly payments of $194

mechanics of Merging
PLUS 1-on-1

☼ Everything on the Merging Mechanics Option


2 coaching sessions:

☼ one 1-on-1 coaching session with Rachel

one 1-on-1 coaching session with Tim

Total Price $888*

*Payment Plans Available:

2 monthly payments of $444

What others are saying about working with Tim and Rae…

Even though I’d been coaching and running my business for two years, I consider my first session with Tim to be the official start of my coaching career. In the time we’ve been working together, my life has dramatically improved – my business has skyrocketed, my sense of personal strength has dramatically increased and I experience far more joy and resilience than ever before.

Jen Underwood. 1-ON-1 CLIENT OF TIM

Working with Rachel has been an interesting and transformational experience, and I mean that in the best of ways! I came into this work hoping to deepen my relationship with myself, my sexuality and sexual expression. Cognitively I felt ready to do this but my body was incredibly resistant. Rachel sensed that from the beginning and made sure I knew that if safety within my body was the “only” thing achieved during our work together that it would be successful! Admittedly, I did not love that answer, but decided to trust it! 

Rachel did a great job of tailoring my treatment to me and intuitively picked up on where I needed to focus my attention each session. I had to put the idea of connecting to my sexuality/sexual expression by the wayside which I was bummed about, but I agreed with Rachel that focusing on safety had to happen. And slowly but surely, it did! It’s crazy to think that just 5-6 months ago the idea of feeling safe in my body felt like a foreign concept because it feels so embodied now! And though I still have a way to go, without even realizing it, the creation of safety allowed for my body to connect to sexual expression and desire without any direct attention paid to it—kinda like a side benefit of safety! I feel grateful for the work that Rachel and I have done together. I am hopeful to continue working with her in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone! 

- Laura A., Nashville, TN, 1-on-1 client of Rachel

I have so many amazing things to say about Rae. I am so grateful for her. As someone that has been doing the work and in this world for over a decade, Rae took my healing to an even deeper level.

I used to try and work harder to achieve healing, and Rae showed me that it gets to be gentle and that I can build my capacity and self trust in the process. She holds the most incredible space and has such a gift of reflecting your process back to you, and explaining it in a way that makes sense. I have learned so much, including how important it is to validate my feelings, how trauma responses play out in my body and in my life, and tools to continue using as I navigate intensity in the world and life experiences.

Rae is one of the best practitioners in the trauma industry and this type of support is unlike anything I have received in other therapy + coaching containers. If you are considering working with her– DO IT! What you learn will benefit all areas of your life, for the rest of your life.

- Taryn Weil, Life + Business Coach for Creatives and Entrepreneurs. 1-on-1 client of Rachel

Before working with Rae I struggled with shame, shyness, and being seen in my sexuality with others, often I didn’t feel fully comfortable to express or receive pleasure, especially after an unhealthy relationship and traumatic breakup. This manifested physically in discomfort, pain, and numbness. Since working with Rae, I have felt an opening that allows me to connect so much deeper with others sexually and with my own pleasure. I feel a renewed sense of excitement, ease, and aliveness. 

In our sessions, Rae held a strong container that was so clearly informed by years of training, self practice, and commitment to healing work. I’d recommend this work to people who have experienced trauma that may be holding them back from fully experiencing pleasure and embodiment. She taught me practices and techniques that I still use regularly to center back into worthiness and self love. I’m so grateful to Rae for our time together!

- I. Free, Portland, OR, 1-on-1 client of Rachel

Mind blown. Before working with Rachel, I didn’t believe that I would ever be able to move beyond some of the stuck, painful moments that I have been carrying in my body for decades. I can now confidently say that I fully believe healing is possible for me, and that I have been given the skills and resources to personally take these steps. 

Being a therapist myself, I initially came into sessions with Rae quite skeptical, but it only took a couple of interactions to realize that this practitioner is a VERY rare gem. Rae’s medicine is a true gift to the earth, and more specifically, to today’s struggling society. Her capacity to hold space and intuitively facilitate is inspiring and I am so glad that I found her because she has taken my personal work to the next level. 

If you are considering working with Rae – whether individually or in one of her programs – I urge you to do it. Not only does Rae have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom (thanks to her extensive training and commitment to personal work), but she practices from a place of groundedness and intuition that far exceeds that of most other practitioners.

Other practitioners have taught me how to be rescued through my relationship with them. Rachel is teaching me how to be rescued through my relationship with myself. And that, that is worth more than anything. 

- Natasha Files, therapist, Vancouver, Canada. 1-on-1 client of Rachel

Knowledge can be taught, but true wisdom is an inherent gift granted through remembrance. 

Tim DeSutter enables such a remembrance, and allows for the co-creation of a space in which authenticity and truth are presented with grace and ease. He allows one to be seen, and has been a crucial component to the spiritual and energetic progression of people from all walks of life. Tim carries with him a remarkable presence that exudes love, security, compassion, and understanding. Words cannot adequately convey the impact that he has had on me; he has been pivotal in my life’s journey, in my transition to manhood, and in defining what an extraordinary life is to me. 

The natural talents that Tim possesses are further augmented by his ability to bring the gifts of his clients into sight. I have a far deeper sense of self, love, and understanding because of this wonderful man, and am thrilled to see this impact mirrored in the lives of others.

- Nicole Crouch-Diaz, CIP. 1-on-1 client of Tim

The information I learned from Tim and practiced is THE ROOT and base of all spiritual embodiment teachings. I felt truly safe and empowered in the classroom space provided. Tim has the intuitive gift and knowledge to help guide you and see you through every step of emerging into your very own energetic power. Nothing holds more value in my life than this skill. I can confidently say that I have never felt more alive than when working with Tim.

- Shannon Fitzgerald, Owner, Awake The Studio. 1-on-1 client of Tim

My experience working with Tim has been life changing. I have learned how to access my authentic self, how to be real with what is going on. That is absolutely something that I have learned from him. You can’t talk your way out of this stuff, you have to feel it and be it. I tried faking authenticity and it didn’t work. 

He is helpful in a way that very few other people are in this work. I trust him. He works without an agenda. He actually just wants to see what’s there and help you see it too. To help you process your misunderstandings that you might have created when you were young, for example, and really just get down to it to the point where you can crystalize the understanding and let it go.

He is trustworthy, honest, bullshit proof, authentic and willing to go the distance. He is going to stay by your side until you get it. He is committed to the process and his skills are without question.

- Robert Bergwall, Business Consultant, Co-Founder of Nesoya Foods. 1-on-1 client of Tim

More questions? Email me at