Are you ready to dive into the depths of self-exploration, self-healing and profound self-growth?
If you’ve felt disempowered in your sexuality, numb or pain during sexual intimacy, shame or self-loathing of your body, fear around expressing yourself sexually, embarrassment for being a sexual being, unsure about your sexual desires or interests… you are not alone and it is not your fault.

The oppression of women’s sexualities has dominated the world for centuries. We’ve been indoctrinated in The Gospel of Sex Shame whether we wanted to be or not. Due to this INTENSE fear of women’s bodies–that actually stems from the innate POWER of women’s sexualities–we’ve numbed ourselves out, disconnecting from our sexual centers and loathing our bodies.

But The Gospel of Sex Shame has no game when it meets a woman who knows herself, her body and her sacred, sexual power. That woman is you. Whether you know it yet or not, it’s already you.

This jade egg intensive offers you an incredible journey in which you’re taught advanced and in-depth tools, techniques and practices you won’t find detailed this thoroughly anywhere else to tap into these powers within.

Transform your pain.

Reclaim your power.

Change the planet by healing within, offering this awakening to the collective consciousness.

And connect your heart, soul, body & yoni with this transformational jade egg intensive.

Before the intensive I really felt a lack of true connection to my sensual, sexy self. After the intensive I now feel that my greatest power lies in my womb. She is the seat of ALL power! I now feel whole. The practices lined up perfectly to everything happening in my life… and all of the teachings were, “Move On. Embrace Life. Live Joyously.” I feel much less shame–hardly any, actually–and much more connected to who I am as a woman and Creator of my life. Pleasure Is Good. I have the power to give myself pleasure and I don’t “need” to feel guilty about it… I can ask for what I want, and for these requests to be met by my lover. This is GOOD!!!
- Laura A.

Rachel’s ability to dive into her deep inner work and to share that work with a group of sisters is such a gift. She is both tender and courageous, willing to “go there” in the deepest sense and also willing to hold space for others to “go there.” Her intensive touches on the fragmentation and reuniting of our sacred wholeness and our sexual power. Through this work we are welcoming ourselves in our wholeness and also connecting with others around the globe who are part of this evolution and revolution. Rachel speaks directly to many of the issues that we face individually and collectively in our sexuality, embodiment, and spirituality, so I feel there is something in this material for everyone. I am learning to find my pleasure in the deep work, and Rachel has been a facilitator in that. RAAWWR!
- Dana K.S.

“I’ve done different spiritual workshops, reatreats, etc. and honestly this may have been the most worth it of them all. It was the best investment!! Thank you so much for sharing this work. I’m integrating this experience and intend to keep these practices as a core part of my life and spiritual practice.”
- Emma A.

My biggest take away from this intensive was learning a new way to commune with my yoni. To see her, talk to her, listen to and interact with her. No one ever taught me about the sacredness of my own body / yoni, let alone to even think about her. I’ve been looking to strengthen the connection with my womb and yoni for a long time. This intensive taught me practical tools and practices to help me reconnect with this wise and sacred part of myself. My world will never be the same!
- J. Sanders