Slow Burn
for Men


Expand your capacity for turn-on, intimacy and connection 

Maybe you’ve done it all: the sexuality courses, the tantra workshops, the trauma healing books, the almost compulsory examination of Instagram memes on healing, the coaching containers, the plant medicine ceremonies, the many forms of therapy.

Or maybe you haven’t done it all, but you’ve felt perpetually stuck around your sexuality, unable to express yourself in the ways you would hope.

Or you’re in a relationship where your partner shuts down, disconnects or has a hard time meeting you in intimacy. Or perhaps you feel like you’re consatntly seeking out sexual situations that aren’t in alignment with you. 

Slow Burn is a somatic healing container for all men or non-binary persons of any sexual orientation or relationship configuration, to slow down and expand their capacity for intimacy both with one’s self, and then by nature of that, with others.



Slow Burn:

Sustainably build your capacity for turn-on.

This 4-month program, Slow Burn, originally came to me from a deep need within myself to find a healing and sensual reclamation space that did not exist anywhere else. And a recognition that if I needed this, other people of all genders needed it, too.

After much exploration in realms of sexual healing, I thought: 

What if rather than focusing on how to have powerful and long-lasting orgasms, how to be a wild and fearless sex god / goddess or how to be unashamed and unabashed and untameable (not that there’s anything wrong with focusing here)…

I instead focused on how to hold my unique eroticism, turn-on, pleasure and curiosity in a sustainable way that was doable for my system, moving at the right pace for my body, and staying connected to myself each step of the way? And then being able to bring that energy to my relationships, loverships, partnerships and others in my life.

Slow Burn is a slow and nurturing, yet wildly impactful approach to sexual healing that isn’t offered anywhere else.

Typically, when you go out and look for healing work, you get one of these two different approaches:


1. the somatic trauma resolution work, which is typically disconnected from sex, pleasure and sexual energy.


2. the neo-tantra and new age sexuality work that often isn’t trauma-informed and neglects things like nervous system capacity, and energetic merging or patterns of codependency playing out in our sexual and relational fields.


Slow Burn combines both the somatic trauma work and the sexuality work to take a deep dive into your somatic and sexual landscape, offering a more yin style of healing and sensual awakening.

This space offers the physiological and energetic understandings and experiences you need to begin to create self-intimacy in a way that is the right pace and right medicine for YOUR body, while also simultaneously offering understanding and knowledge about what might be happening for your partner(s) in their sexual experiences and relating, too.

Slow Burn helps you know that your sexual energy is YOURS, and you get to determine the pace and the way it is used. Not only that, but you get to learn how to hold your sexual energy on your own, without another. So you’re SOURCED by your pleasure, instead of frustrated or shut down. 


**This space isn’t teaching you how to have wild and passion-filled sexual experiences through step-by-step processes (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Instead, it’s about integrating the slow, parasympathetic way of relating to your body (and therefore, to your partner’s bodies, too).

**In the same way that this program won’t offer you step-by-step sexuality practices, the Slow Burn methodology isn’t the “one size fits all” model for sexual healing. This is the “how to attune to the most vulnerable and powerful parts of you” model so you can find safety, self-love, and security within your system.

** This specific round is a men – or those who identify as male – only space.

you are not a project.



Therefore, this is not a goal-oriented program.

Rather, it’s a space to discover:

your specific right pace and timing,

your unique expression of sexuality,

your ever evolving and expanding capacity,

and a Wider base of stability and support so you can access more of your eros and turn-on in a natural way that actually works for you!

Slow Burn is a container for…


 … safe, consensual, and integrated sexuality healing with somatic trauma resolution and energetics at its core, moving at a human pace while being celebratory of turn-on, exploration and sexual discovery.

 … everyone interested in deeply somatic sexual healing work, whether you’ve had “trauma” or not. Sometimes we experience blocks, pain, numbness, confusion or apprehension around our sexuality even if we haven’t experienced an overtly traumatic event. If this feels like you, you’re welcome here. And sometimes we are with a person who has a lot of sexual trauma, and we want to better understand how to connect with them. If this feels like you, you’re also welcome here.

 … undigested life experiences that are stored in your body and energy field to emerge, and be held, met, and processed.

… healing by listening to your unique capacity, your specific pace and your particular needs so that you can have a vibrant and integrated life in all areas, not just your sexuality.

 … encouraging doability over catharsis, and witnessing consciousness + connection over dramatic release.

The slow Burn Medicine

Sensuality :: Soul Integration :: Sovereignty :: Slowness :: Safety :: Self-Trust :: Energy :: Wildness :: Alchemical Transformation :: Pleasure :: Grounding :: Ancestral Wisdom :: Magnetism :: Energetic Awareness :: Connection with Self & Others

the medicine of Slow Burn & the journey of Sustainably building your capacity for turn-on is to stay connected to your experience as you engage sexually with yourself and others.


what would it be for self-intimacy to take the front seat? to be the priority?

The details of Slow Burn…


 12 Live Workshop Calls on Zoom. This is not a pre-recorded course — that is not my style! You’ll receive 12, 2-hour long transformative somatic trauma resolution workshop sessions on Slow burn, which will be recorded and uploaded to the Podia group platform after each call. Calls will be on Mondays at 2 PM MST. 

 4 Live Group Coaching Calls. There are 4 group coaching and Q&A sessions hosted by Rachel, to get 1-on-1 support to tend to specific dynamics coming up for you in the course.

 Program platform. All the content will be uploaded on Podia, our class platform. You’ll also have access to a Facebook group for connection, care and community within the group. You’ll have access to the Podia site after the course closes.

 Community. I LOVE leading groups. I love the power that happens when energies resonate, or when someone says exactly what you were thinking out loud, or even the transformation that comes from interpersonal dynamics and tension. And I love that here you can experience others doing this work with you, knowing you are not alone.

 OPTIONAL add-on for 1-on-1 coaching with Rachel. Limited 5 spots available for those who want a deeper dive and wish to add 4 individual coaching sessions to be used per month + a Telegram support channel with Rachel and others in the 1-on-1 container. This is the only way to do 1-on-1 sessions with Rae during this container.


The healing modalities utilized to offer a way to
metabolize undigested threat responses inside the body

  • Somatic Trauma Resolution Teachings and Exercises so you can receive resourcing and thawing tools for the deep freeze layers that happen to people’s sexualities by living in our society, experiencing abuse, living within dogmatic religious systems that shame sexuality, experiencing micro-aggressions towards one’s sexual expression on a daily basis, and sadly so much more.

  • VITA™ Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching so you can begin accessing your alive, sensual, primal and original sexual blueprint, while understanding the inhibiting patterns playing out in your system around sexual energy.
    (*Please note, this course does NOT include self-pleasure practices as part of the group field. Rather, the work we’ll be doing together is much more energetic in nature, and gives you the skills and understandings to create your own right conditions for practices that work for you)

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) parts work so you can feel centered, grounded and strong in your sense of Self, and how to carefully guide yourself back to that place when life, love, relationships and the world interferes.

  • Craniosacral healing and energy work so you can clear energetic patterns in your body and anchor into your knowing, showing up in more alignment with your body, sexuality, relationships, and your spiritual journey.

  • Ancestral Healing & Animism so you can grow deep roots from your Self while connecting to the earth, your ancestry, and understanding how your patterns connect to your lineage and the collective.

  • Co-dependency and Attachment Pattern Healing so you can find healing from past partnerships or relationships, integrate pain or shame or fear from abusive dynamics, better understand merging your field with others, and how to remain more sovereign and in alignment with your truth and reality in your relationships and sexuality.

What is the path for transforming trauma into turn-on?…



creating a safe, no-push container to engage in intimacy with self 

The shadow side of a lot of sexuality work online is that it creates shame in those who aren’t able to “do the work,” but what it misses is that many are approaching this work from a place of fawning, and a place of needing to “fix” one’s self because there’s something wrong. 

Therefore, the goal of this program is NOT to give you step-by-step ways to get to turn-on. Rather, it’s to give you the tools and teachings for YOU to discover for yourself what turn-on and pleasure practices might work for you.

There is no timeline in this space. Instead, there is room for a pause. There is a deeply trauma-informed offering of how to engage in a practice of self-connection that does not push you past your limits or edges.



understanding your range of regulation for capacity
and sexual exploration

This course will teach you the physiology of WHAT is happening in your body so you can have a deeper compassionate understanding of why you might be in a hypo-aroused place with your sexuality (meaning, frozen, shut down, collapsed, uninterested, etc.), or a hyper-aroused place in your sexuality (craving sexual intimacy and sex all the time, sharing your sexuality in unsafe ways or with unsafe people, only being able to have pleasure or orgasms with high intensity sensations (ie a vibrator).

Once there’s an understanding of your unique nervous system’s range of regulation, we then get to meet the unresolved trauma stored in the body, offering it the right conditions for it to alchemize and transform within.




safely exploring the relationship to cock, mind
and heart 

Most sexuality work does not focus on the nervous system mechanisms of freeze + fawning, and how often that plays a role in our relationship with self and other. When your sexuality developed in association to other people’s expectations, desires and/or interests taking priority or the front seat (a people-pleasing/appeasing dynamic), it can be difficult to tune into your personal relationship to your sexuality, and your needs and desires when engaging sexually.

It is natural to feel turned-off, shut down, or cloudy/confused/numb when this energetic dynamic is set-up from the get-go and continues to play out with others. Therefore, a big piece of this month is to (re)discover what YOUR body’s needs, desires and wants are that can exist within your capacity of where you are right here and right now.



exploring relational energetics, codependency or healing from abuse

Then, from a place of better understanding what our personal sexual relationship to our body, spirit and soul might be, we can begin exploring what it’s like to be in relationship to other.

Something often missing from sexuality work is the discussion of codependency and fawning energetics, which play out for many humans cultured as women. Whether it’s you trying to get your partner to have sex, or it’s your partner seemingly stepping past your boundaries, there are energetic dynamics at play to be understood on deeper planes than just practical.

Additionally, if you’ve experienced trauma or abuse, that is most likely impacting your idea of being a sexual self, so a big piece of this month is helping reclaim sovereignty from these dynamics existing in the relational fields.


Slow Burn for Men starts on December 11 and goes until April 22, 2024

Calls will be held on Mondays from 2:30 to 4:30 PM MST. 

How much is Slow Burn?

The Lunar option

A 4-Month Journey that includes:

12 Live workshop and teaching modules (3 per module)

4 group coaching calls 

A course platform with all the recordings 

Total price $1850*

*Payment Plans Available for the Lunar Option:

6 monthly payments of $310

(please message if you need an extended payment plan or scholarship option)

The Solar option

☼ Everything on the Lunar Option


a $2000 value 1-on-1 coaching package with Rachel

that includes:

☼ 4 coaching sessions 1x a month

Total Price $3050*

*Payment Plans Available for the Solar Option:

6 monthly payments of $510

Who is Slow Burn for?

You’ve tried SO MANY other sexuality courses and still feel stuck, or they didn’t get you where you wanted to go. Or you haven’t tried any other sexuality courses because they seem too intense, intimidating, loud or scary.

▲ You desperately want to connect to your partner or lover who has trauma, and you’re not sure how to help or be with them in that experience.

▲ You don’t feel like you have sexual trauma, and yet you do feel like there’s something holding you back from FULLY embracing and owning your erotic nature.

▲ You want to stop making yourself wrong for what you’re feeling, sensing, emoting or experiencing in your body and sexuality.

▲ You want to understand the inner workings of your system: the “WHY” behind your patterns and the “WHAT” underneath the thing that’s coming up over and over again. 

▲ You’ve done the sexuality work, but not the somatic trauma resolution nervous system work, and you see that you desire to integrate the two.

▲ You’re a trauma nerd like me and want a waaaaaay deeper dive into the psychological and physiological components of trauma healing than you will get in a Neo-tantra course on sexual healing.

▲ You still have undigested life experiences around love, sex or relationships that you can feel somatically in your body, and you want to learn how to be with it on deeper levels.

▲ You’re curious about a more energetic approach to sexuality work, as opposed to an overt touch-oriented or self-pleasure approach.

▲ You want to look at your sexuality from a MUCH wider lens than just your sexual organs.

▲ You know you need a much SLOWER approach to sexuality (or that you might benefit from such an approach), but you also feel like you CAN’T go slow, or that slowing down just doesn’t work for you.

▲ You’ve experienced sexual, energetic or relational trauma, or have been in abusive relationships and struggle with boundary ruptures. 

▲ You lack self-trust and have crossed your own boundaries, and you want to create a more intimate relationship with yourself.

▲ You have NO desire in self-pleasure, and have a desire to change that.

▲ You don’t want to have sex, maybe ever again. You’re done. And you want that to be validated and acknowledged and welcomed into the space.

▲ You DO want to have sex, but you struggle with it and don’t see how it could be possible.

▲ Or you LOVE sex but also feel your trauma comes up a lot in intimacy and you want to understand the in’s and out’s of that. 

▲ You like adding a little mix of spirit and nature into your sexuality (this isn’t just a boring trauma course either, as I myself am not just a boring trauma nerd). 

Who is Slow Burn NOT for?

 This program is not for you if you have extensive sexual trauma and have done no previous healing work either in therapy or coaching, self-growth or healing containers, or through other sexual healing modalities. If you fall into this category I recommend you explore 1-on-1 work before diving into a group container, as a group space can be triggering if you’ve yet to work with your trauma in a personal way. 

 This program is not for you if you find hearing about other people’s experiences to be too much for your system. Of course you’re always welcome to mute a call, or to leave if you need to. But as this is a group container, there will be individual experiences shared and processed. Please self-select out if you recognize this could be a big challenge.

 This program is not for you if you do not have a support system to tap into outside of this space. This container is a beautiful and welcoming community where you can share the in’s and out’s of your sexual healing process. And/but also, sometimes we need more 1-on-1 support with a friend, therapist, coach, sponsor or a family member. This is deep work, and ideally you’ll have some form of a support structure outside of this container, too. (You do have the option to purchase 1-on-1 coaching with Rae, or sessions with the support coaches as a way to receive additional support.)

 This program is not for you if you cannot take self-responsibility for your experiences inside this space. There is TOTAL room for humanness here. And there’s a desire for mutual respect and honoring of each other’s processes as we move through this material. What you choose to engage with or not engage with is within your purview. There is NEVER going to be a push for you to do something outside of what you choose to do.

 If you have any questions about whether or not this is the right space for you, please reach out via email, facebook or Instagram and we can discuss!

What Slow Burn Femme Participants are saying

I’m Julia, an artist, astrologer, and maker hailing from Portland, Oregon. When I first stumbled upon the Erotic Embodiment program (which has now evolved into Slow Burn), I have to admit, I was a bit worn out. I’d dabbled in various courses and approaches to healing my sexuality, but I often found myself entangled in a web of self-criticism, comparison, and unrealistic expectations. The burnout was real, and I was hesitant about signing up for yet another course that might inadvertently trigger those patterns all over again.

However, what stood out to me was the program’s focus on embracing wherever you are in your journey. This resonated deeply with me because it was a departure from the usual “one-size-fits-all” approach I had encountered elsewhere. The container felt safe, and it acknowledged that burnout or hesitation were also valid starting points.

As I delved into the program, I found something truly transformative. It wasn’t just about chasing after some abstract notion of sexual pleasure or fitting into a predefined mold. Instead, it was about meeting myself where I was and giving myself permission to explore and honor my own unique pacing.

One of the most impactful aspects was the emphasis on understanding my own nervous system. The course provided insights into the physiological responses that occur during trauma triggers, especially in the realm of sexuality. This information was a game-changer for me. It normalized my experiences and dissolved the heavy burden of feeling “broken.” Instead, I learned to embrace my own pace and process, and it was a breath of fresh air.

A significant shift was the newfound ability to advocate for my own pacing within my relationships. The program fostered a sense of intimacy and communication that had been lacking before. Instead of suppressing or hiding my experiences, I learned to share and connect with my partners on a deeper level. This led to more satisfying and intimate experiences, not as a result of a checklist, but as a genuine connection to my authentic self.

The beauty of Slow burn lies in its commitment to authenticity and integration. It’s not a rush toward a goal, but a journey of discovery and acceptance. The program’s fusion of deep nervous system insights and mystical elements created a unique space where magic and science coexist harmoniously.

If you resonate with the idea of embracing your own pace, meeting yourself where you are, and exploring the depths of your authenticity, then Slow Burn is an experience you’ll treasure. Whether you’re feeling burnt out, seeking healing, or simply curious about a holistic and integrative approach to sexuality, I wholeheartedly recommend this transformative journey.”

- Julia. Slow Burn ( Formerly Called Erotic Embodiment) Participant

Slow Burn (formerly called Erotic Embodiment) is an informative, supportive, and empowering container that has made a big difference in my life.

The permission to show up as needed and say no was incredibly validating and empowering. I’ve used these skills in my day-to-day life and they have made a big difference in my ability to cope with stress and difficult emotions.

I also learned a lot about resourcing, which is a powerful tool for bringing myself back to the present moment. I loved having an accountability buddy as it was nourishing and helpful for integration.

- ALLANDRA. Slow Burn ( Formerly Called Erotic Embodiment) Participant

I found this course to be incredibly helpful and informative. I especially enjoyed the content on the nervous system and trauma responses, as well as the opportunity to share personal stories and relate to others. I really genuinely enjoyed every bit of it. I loved the resources provided, the exercises we did together, all the sharing and feedback, and reflections. Rae’s perspective, it was really powerful and influential for me.

- Jayna. Slow Burn ( Formerly called Erotic Embodiment) Participant

Slow Burn facilitated an understanding my own experience of sexual trauma and how to move forward in my healing. Rae’’s ability to simplify complex concepts on sexual trauma and nervous system dynamics helped me to understand what might be happening for me. The coaching calls were supportive and allowed me to show up in any way I wanted or needed. The focus on resourcing and integration deeply resonated with me. This experience has been pivotal in my healing journey.

- MINA. Slow Burn ( Formerly Called Erotic Embodiment) Participant

Slow Burn (previously called Erotic Embodiment) has been a true anchor during my healing journey. I loved the attuned, grounded container, guidance, knowledge, and awareness which provided a safe space for exploration. What I liked about the course was the awareness that it brought to my feelings and thoughts. And that I could go at my own pace, find the smallest doable step, and recognize that my feelings and thoughts actually make sense. Learning to listen to my body’s responses and embracing my ‘no’ has been so empowering.

- CANDY. Slow Burn ( Formerly Called Erotic Embodiment) Participant

Who is guiding this transformative journey?

Hi I’m Rachel (she/her), though many call me Rae. I currently live in the Sangre de Cristo mountains, the original home of the Tiwa. And I’m the creator of this transformative container.

I am a writer, thought-leader, coach and guide in the trauma, somatic and embodiment fields. I love working with coaches, healers and leaders who’ve done all “the work” and yet still sense there are unseen life-degenerating patterns dictating their reality.

I am a seasoned practitioner with a decade of experience, with some of the most advanced trainings around trauma resolution, sexual liberation, and collective healing under my belt. I have a unique, mystical, and energetic approach to trauma healing + pleasure, and a deep-rooted sense of the dark feminine path (a path of being and accepting, as opposed to a mental knowing and rejection).

My work goes far beyond the typical somatic experiencing principles and enters into the nature and energetic or mystical realms of the unseen.

Outside of my Master’s degree where I extensively researched sexual and spiritual healing through neuroscience, trauma recovery and embodied interspirituality, focusing on the spiritual trauma incurred by those marginalized in the Christian Church through sexual suppression, abuse and LGBTQ+ identification, I also am…

☼ Certified as a VITA coach, a 600+ hr Sex, Love and Relationship coaching program with Layla Martin

☼ Certified in Alchemical Alignment: Bodywork for Trauma Resolution and Embodiment of the Spirit with Brigit Viksnins (completed levels 1 – 14, enrolled to repeat levels 1-7 this fall)

☼ Studied with Rachael Maddox as a Support Coach for her Sex After Trauma program, and through the ReBloom Somatic Trauma Resolution Coaching methodology

☼ Steeped myself in Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy through my graduate degree

☼ Completed Levels 1-3 of David Elliott’s Pranayama breathwork training

☼ Certified in Energetic Justice, anti-racism, anti-colonialism, and spiritual awareness modality

☼ Have the intro levels of Somatic Experiencing under my belt

☼ Completed Level 1 of Craniosacral therapy through Upledger

☼ Currently enrolled in Emotional Leadership Certification Program 

☼ Well-studied and work with numerous coaches, practitioners, and experts in the fields of energetic awareness, somatics, and trauma 

☼ Spent most of my 20’s in a transformational community rooted in permaculture, deep threads of spiritual traditions and practices, and healing

I am half-Engish, half-“American” of English and Swiss-German descent, raised white and middle-class on a farm in the land of the Mesquakie, Sioux, and Ioway people (currently known as Iowa). I grew up Christian in the Mennonite Church, and currently consider myself a witch with deep Mennonite roots that still inform the way I operate in this world. I experienced sexual abuse at the age of 3, which I then (re)remembered at the age of 22. That awakening sent me on a deep healing journey that has led me to exactly where I am now.

What do you prefer The Lunar Option or the ☼ Solar Option?

The Lunar option

A 4-Month Journey that includes:

12 Live workshop and teaching modules (3 per module)

4 group coaching calls 

A course platform with all the recordings 

Total price $1850*

*Payment Plan Available for the Lunar Option:

6 monthly payments of $310

(please message if you need an extended payment plan or scholarship option)

The Solar option

☼ Everything on the Lunar Option


a $2000 value 1-on-1 coaching package with Rachel

that includes:

☼ 4 coaching sessions

Monday through Friday Telegram support in a group thread with others in the Solar program

Total Price $3050*

*Payment Plans Available for the Solar Option:

6 monthly payments of $510

Slow Burn is a space that honors your unique journey and offers a gentle path to healing and self-discovery.

  • Slow Burn invites you to embrace your pace, find solace in your authenticity, and nurture a deeper connection with yourself and your sexuality.
  • Slow burn gently guides you to explore your own sensual and sexual rhythm, unburdened by unrealistic expectations or self-criticism. This is not about following a rigid formula, but about meeting yourself where you are and creating space for growth. 
  • At the heart of Slow burn lies a profound understanding of your nervous system and its role in shaping your experiences. Delve into the physiological responses that occur during moments of vulnerability, particularly in the realm of sexuality. This knowledge brings light to the shadows, allowing you to free yourself from the weight of feeling “broken.” As you learn to honor your pace and process, you’ll find a newfound freedom to move forward with hope and authenticity. 
  • It’s a safe haven where science, presence and spirituality coexist harmoniously, embracing your journey with reverence. This journey isn’t about chasing after fleeting pleasures; it’s about experiencing the joy of true connection with yourself and others.
  • Slow Burn creates a space of intimacy and communication that redefines relationships. Learn to advocate for your pacing and share your experiences openly with partners, leading to richer and more fulfilling connections. This isn’t about following a strict checklist; it’s about nurturing genuine connections grounded in self-awareness. 

If you resonate with the idea of honoring your own pace, exploring the depths of your authenticity, and embarking on a transformative journey that celebrates both science and magic, Slow Burn awaits you. Whether you’re navigating burnout, seeking healing, or simply curious about an inclusive and holistic approach to sexuality, Slow Burn welcomes you to a space of acceptance, growth, and self-discovery.


Are you ready to sign up?

The Lunar option

A 4-Month Journey that includes:

12 Live workshop and teaching modules (3 per module)

4 group coaching calls 

A course platform with all the recordings 

Total price $1850*

*Payment Plans Available for the Lunar Option:

6 monthly payments of $310

(please message if you need an extended payment plan or scholarship option)

The Solar option

☼ Everything on the Lunar Option


a $2000 value 1-on-1 coaching package with Rachel

that includes:

☼ 4 coaching sessions

Monday through Friday Telegram support in a group thread with others in the Solar program

Total Price $3050*

*Payment Plans Available for the Solar Option:

6 monthly payments of $510

Important Dates

Slow Burn starts on December 11, 2023 and goes until April 22, 2024.

Calls will be held on Mondays from 2:30 to 4:30 PM MST.

Limited spots available – email, facebook message or instagram DM  if curious and have questions

What others are saying about working with Rae…

Working with Rachel has been an interesting and transformational experience, and I mean that in the best of ways! I came into this work hoping to deepen my relationship with myself, my sexuality and sexual expression. Cognitively I felt ready to do this but my body was incredibly resistant. Rachel sensed that from the beginning and made sure I knew that if safety within my body was the “only” thing achieved during our work together that it would be successful! Admittedly, I did not love that answer, but decided to trust it! 

Rachel did a great job of tailoring my treatment to me and intuitively picked up on where I needed to focus my attention each session. I had to put the idea of connecting to my sexuality/sexual expression by the wayside which I was bummed about, but I agreed with Rachel that focusing on safety had to happen. And slowly but surely, it did! It’s crazy to think that just 5-6 months ago the idea of feeling safe in my body felt like a foreign concept because it feels so embodied now! And though I still have a way to go, without even realizing it, the creation of safety allowed for my body to connect to sexual expression and desire without any direct attention paid to it—kinda like a side benefit of safety! I feel grateful for the work that Rachel and I have done together. I am hopeful to continue working with her in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone! 

- Laura A., Nashville, TN, 1-on-1 client of Rachel

Before working with Rae I struggled with shame, shyness, and being seen in my sexuality with others, often I didn’t feel fully comfortable to express or receive pleasure, especially after an unhealthy relationship and traumatic breakup. This manifested physically in discomfort, pain, and numbness. Since working with Rae, I have felt an opening that allows me to connect so much deeper with others sexually and with my own pleasure. I feel a renewed sense of excitement, ease, and aliveness. 

In our sessions, Rae held a strong container that was so clearly informed by years of training, self practice, and commitment to healing work. I’d recommend this work to people who have experienced trauma that may be holding them back from fully experiencing pleasure and embodiment. She taught me practices and techniques that I still use regularly to center back into worthiness and self love. I’m so grateful to Rae for our time together!

- I. Free, Portland, OR, 1-on-1 client of Rachel

I have so many amazing things to say about this woman. I am so grateful for her. As someone that has been doing the work and in this world for over a decade, Rae took my healing to an even deeper level.

I used to try and work harder to achieve healing, and Rae showed me that it gets to be gentle and that I can build my capacity and self trust in the process. She holds the most incredible space and has such a gift of reflecting your process back to you, and explaining it in a way that makes sense. I have learned so much, including how important it is to validate my feelings, how trauma responses play out in my body and in my life, and tools to continue using as I navigate intensity in the world and life experiences.

Rae is one of the best practitioners in the trauma industry and this type of support is unlike anything I have received in other therapy + coaching containers. If you are considering working with her– DO IT! What you learn will benefit all areas of your life, for the rest of your life.

- Taryn Weil, Life + Business Coach for Creatives and Entrepreneurs. 1-on-1 client of Rachel

Mind blown. Before working with Rachel, I didn’t believe that I would ever be able to move beyond some of the stuck, painful moments that I have been carrying in my body for decades. I can now confidently say that I fully believe healing is possible for me, and that I have been given the skills and resources to personally take these steps. 

Being a therapist myself, I initially came into sessions with Rae quite skeptical, but it only took a couple of interactions to realize that this practitioner is a VERY rare gem. Rae’s medicine is a true gift to the earth, and more specifically, to today’s struggling society. Her capacity to hold space and intuitively facilitate is inspiring and I am so glad that I found her because she has taken my personal work to the next level. 

If you are considering working with Rae – whether individually or in one of her programs – I urge you to do it. Not only does Rae have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom (thanks to her extensive training and commitment to personal work), but she practices from a place of groundedness and intuition that far exceeds that of most other practitioners.

Other practitioners have taught me how to be rescued through my relationship with them. Rachel is teaching me how to be rescued through my relationship with myself. And that, that is worth more than anything. 

- Natasha Files, therapist, Vancouver, Canada. 1-on-1 client of Rachel

More questions? Email me at