Rooted in Ritual


2020 has sent many of us a BIG curveball. For many, it has been a year of personal and collective chaos.

With COVID-19, the uprisings, and all the other challenges that didn’t go away, it can leave many of us feeling … like a body of water being smashed up against a cliff.

You’ve done some self-work and exploration, you know that this is (sigh?) part of the process.

But it doesn’t make being where you are feel any better.

Honestly? The re-assembling part that comes after being smashed up against life feels a little too overwhelming and confusing right now. You’ve got the pieces, you know what you want (ish), but you don’t even know where all the different parts of you need to go anymore.

With all that’s happening in the world compounding with your internal and ancestral traumatised state … you’ve lost connection with who you are and what your place is.

All of this has you so removed from your center that even though you know you want to show up for collective transformation, you don’t know how to start showing up for yourself right now.

It’s like your life is getting a remake that you didn’t see coming, an upgrade you weren’t ready for, a lesson that has blown the fuse of your nervous system, like a light bulb with too much voltage.

Perhaps you’ve been here before, maybe this is your first time feeling this way.

No matter which one of those applies to you, may Rooted in Ritual be a homecoming.

Join me on an 8-week journey and…

  • Re-assemble yourself … again, or for the first time.
  • Grow deep roots from this self into the earth, your ancestry, and the root system of the wider world around you.
  • Receive a framework that you can come back to over and over again, e.g. when you feel your sense of self getting cloudy and ungrounded.
  • Lean into the cyclical nature of your and collective transformation.
  • Anchor into your knowing, so that you can show up to your social justice work, your spiritual journey, and your trauma resolution, with clarity and resilience.
  • Find confidence in the truth of who you are and your full self-expression within that.
  • Learn ways to feel centered, grounded, and strong in your sense of self.
  • Deepen into self-care, self-love, and intentional soul-care, and/or establish a routine to experience this in your daily life.
  • Receive exercises you can do when you’re feeling stuck in your spirituality, trauma, or social justice work, or something else entirely.
  • Practice helpful, loving, gentle and embodied ways to get yourself out of the downward spiral.

At the core of this course lies the question that I return to again, and again, as I face internal and collective chaos in my life:

Can I be with these times and use them to grow deeper roots and (re)connect to my self even more than before?

The root system of one individual connects to all root systems.

That being said, I want to name that in our fast-paced, Western world, a lot of our physical, emotional, and spiritual healing happens within an insular bubble that focuses solely on the individual.

I agree that there has to be an inner focus on one’s own roots and that many journeys start out there.

But the purpose of that?

Healing ourselves is one piece of the process. The other is learning how to expand that healing to encompass the collective.

Because if one is not doing well, it affects the wellbeing of the whole.

When you see the healing process from that angle, healing automatically ties into focusing on collective trauma, racism, collective liberation, and looking into how all of that is entangled with your own trauma.

It’s about expanding our bubble so that we can really show up for global and collective transformation – especially right now, where things are radically and massively shifting.

Rooted in Ritual is an 8 week container, designed to help you connect to yourself AND to something larger, through ritual. 

Why ritual?

Ritual is something many of us are disconnected from and it’s one of the most connecting things we can do.

Ritual connects our individual root system with the greater system around us and wakes something up in our primal brain.

It’s something that has been done by humans since day one.


Through embodied ritual, we can learn to connect to our own selves and ease into deeper understanding of how this self is connected to the world around us.

A lot of people feel isolated and alienated – but what if it were possible for you to feel  connected to your sexual energy, pleasure, the earth, and your lineage?

What would it be like to experience that sort of homecoming?

What would it be like to not be so isolated and alienated, but deeply tuned into your worthiness, your sovereignty, and how that feels in your body?

The more you can connect to deeper self expression, your voice, your energy, your ancestry, your aliveness, and your creativity?

The more you can use your unique magic to show up in the world and participate in its transformation.

I know. ritual can bring up a lot of overwhelming associations.

But it doesn’t have to be this big thing. In it’s essence, ritual is just about showing up in a practice with oneself.

This can look like setting up a writing space, delving into dance meditation, being in community, or talking to your plants.

Ritual can be something you can create for yourself, or use as a bridge to connect with your ancestry, earth, spirit, or with your sexuality.

The more we do ritual the more we become rooted in ourselves.

You were born knowing how to do this and there is no right or wrong way.

May Rooted in Ritual be a loving reminder.

The Six Pillars


Rooted in Ritual is built around six interconnected pillars that will be the focus of this 8 week container. Connecting into all of those pillars is a ritualistic process designed to help you delve deep into your own healing and then resurface to show up for the work of collective transformation.


The first pillar is really about finding a deep connection within ourselves and working with the idea that our souls come with a blueprint that we were born to uncover.

This pillar focuses on rooting into that blueprint inside of self.


For this pillar, the goal is to understand that the soul is planted into our bodies and to truly tune into this form that we use to navigate the world with.

The idea of the revolution begins within a regulated body.

Within this pillar, we look into our relationship to body and our nervous system. We ask ourselves how we can repair and work with our bodies with softness, slowness, safety, and trust.


The body is made of the earth. Building on the previous pillar, earth is about connecting with the idea that our body is made of the earth and not separate from it.

Everything is alive and our body is alive and our body is constantly communicating and earth is doing the same.

This pillar is about learning to notice they ways that earth is in communication with us and to ground in the natural cycle of life that earth provides us with.


This pillar is about understanding that we are connected to far more than just ourselves and our immediate environment. 

Our ancestry plays a role in how we are able to show up in our lives. We look at immediate ancestry, but also at our lineage at large. E.g. what happened when people were uprooted, colonised, or colonisers in our lineage and how does that impact us now?

We dont have to have shame about where our ancestors came from. Instead, we can use that ancestry to understand why the pain in the world has unfolded the way that it has.


When I talk about spirit in this pillar, it can refer to god, the universe, divinity, or spirit itself. The goal is to consider something that is beyond self but that is deeply connected and rooted in self.

The concept of God can be triggering and people don’t have to care about that to connect into this idea that there is something beyond just ourselves.

The more we can surrender and connect to spirit – universal flow – that energy – the more rooted we become within ourselves as well.


Sex is about everything.

But it’s really hard to start with sex because there is so much trauma and pain and fear. I think we have to start with all those other pillars to get to this place of “ok, this is a safe place to embody, a place and energy I deserve to have and want to have” – and that is why it comes last.

For this course, sex is about tapping into your life source, expression, creation energy, and the magic that comes through your body, and we find ways of giving space for this energy to come through.

What you receive with this course 


Social justice work often doesn’t include the somatic body element, a lot of somatic and trauma work doesn’t include the social justice and pleasure work. A lot of ancestry and earth work doesn’t include the somatic or the social justice aspect…

All of these different things are so important, but they often miss pieces of each other.

Rooted in Ritual brings them all together in an interdisciplinary approach.


This is for people who really care about their own healing but want to understand their place in the greater narrative and how to show up in deeper and in more transformational ways.

When you are in touch with the reality that there is work to do – personal and collective – then this offering gives you the tools you need to strengthen your own root system and connect it to the collective system.


Maybe you are feeling like you are being flung around and overwhelmed – especially with the pandemic and uprisings – and you want to find an anchor point within yourself to keep you grounded and open.

In the face of change, you want to be the leaf that bends with the wind, rather than the tree bark that snaps.

Being more connected to yourself allows you to show up in your social justice work, your spiritual journey, and your trauma resolution work with resiliency, clarity, and a rooted sense of self.


We generally favour the mind and processing things cognitively, but the truth is, most of our stuff is actually stored deeper within the body and we need to access the body to fully release what is holding us.

Cognitive processing can actually get us stuck in a story.

A lot of healing modalities come from a cognitive level, but no social justice work, or spiritual work, or trauma resolution comes from only a brain place.

In detail that means…

☾ Eight Weeks of Soul Based, Trauma Informed Content. This container spans eight weeks that take you through the six pillars of soul, body, earth, lineage, spirit, sex. While also giving you some Trauma Work 101 and supportive tools to help you engage with the content in a sustainable way (aka a way that doesn’t blow the fuse of your nervous system).

☾ Live Classes. One per week, practices they can do on their own. Go at your own pace, retreating into your interior world in a way that’s doable, manageable and applicable for your nervous system. The course has live elements but is self-paced. So if you can’t always keep up or you need more time to process, you can always come back to the course when you are able/ready to.

☾ Somatic Trauma Resolution. —needs more info — 

☾ A Community. Experience that others are doing this work with you and that you are not alone.

☾ Journal questions. Each module offers journal questions if you wish to spend more time on the material and go a bit deeper.

☾ Program platform. All the content is uploaded on a password protected page on my website. You’ll get access to this as long as the Internet is a thing!                                            

Your Investment

Rooted in Ritual is an 8-week container designed to help you root into yourself so that you can show up for change in the world.
One Payment (Early Bird) $3503 Monthly Payments $ 116

Who is guiding this transformative journey?

Hi! I’m Rachel (though many call me Rae). I am a holistic sexuality and soul embodiment guide, helping spiritual seekers connect their sexuality to their spirituality through healing trauma, transforming shame and pain, and stepping into radical self-love.

I am a nature lovin’, soul-guided, visionary truth-teller with a forest nymph vibe. A shadowworker with a strong desire for all humans to be empowered in their truth–to express and embrace their authentic, embodied, sensual selves as radiant, wise and powerful, and to know the unbreakable core within their holy being.

I believe we cannot fully unleash our soul’s innermost knowing and voice until we step into the power that exists within our bodies, the very things society and the world have disconnected us from most, yet the things that are so innately ours to embrace.

With a history of sexual abuse and an extremely shut down sexuality, I’ve danced in the dark and know the trauma healing journey intimately. It wasn’t until I embarked on deep, intentional, slow and embodied soul-care that I began healing from the inside out, coming home to my soul’s emerging true essence, allowing that to lead the way.

With an M.A. in Religion, I extensively researched sexual and spiritual healing through neuroscience, trauma recovery and embodied interspirituality, focusing on holistic healing for those marginalized or spiritually traumatized by the Christian Church through LGBTQ+ identification and/or sexual suppression or abuse. 

I also completed a 600-hr Sex, Love and Relationship coaching program with Layla Martin at the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality, and have done multiple trauma resolution trainings, including IFS and working for and with Rachael Maddox.

This work radically shifted my life, and my desire is that it does the same for you.

What others are saying about Assana’s courses

When receiving coaching from Rachel, she opened and held space for a deep soul journey. She was always curious and open for the healing journey to unfold. The core intention for my coaching process came to me in our first session. The words were surprising and very clear,  but I couldn‘t imagine where they would lead me. Eventually I could see how the intention was so perfectly aligned with my soul’s purpose! Rachel has the unique gift to hold space for the soul to show up.

- Isabel Myriam, participant in 1-on-1 coaching, Jade Egg Intensive, and Pussy Church Program

“I’ve done different spiritual workshops, reatreats, etc. and honestly this may have been the most worth it of them all. It was the best investment!! I thank Rachel so much for sharing this work. I’m integrating this experience and intend to keep these practices as a core part of my life and spiritual practice going forward.”

- Emma A., participant in the Jade Egg Intensive

Rachel’s ability to dive into her deep inner work and to share that work with a group of sisters is such a gift. She is both tender and courageous, willing to “go there” in the deepest sense and also willing to hold space for others to “go there.” Through this work we are welcoming ourselves in our wholeness and also connecting with others around the globe who are part of this evolution and revolution. Rachel speaks directly to many issues that we face individually and collectively in our sexuality, embodiment, and spirituality, so there is something in this material for everyone. 

- Dana K.S., participant in the Jade Egg Intensive and Women in the Wild retreat

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it possible to get a refund?

Due to it’s digital nature, this course cannot be refunded. Please be mindful while shopping and take a good look at the course curriculum and description before signing up. If you’re remotely concerned about whether it’s for you, please email me before you enrol. I am happy to get back to you on any questions you might have.

Rooted in Ritual

Rooted in Ritual is an 8-week container designed to help you root into yourself so that you can show up for change in the world.
One Payment (Early Bird) $3503 Monthly Payments $ 116

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