The Sacred Sexual Alchemy Container is tailored for your specific needs. The following is a general outline that offers an arch to what your healing and transformative process could look like. Please understand that every client is unique, and each individual session is tailored perfectly to YOUR needs in the moment. Sometimes we need to spend three sessions on one intensive topic, because that’s where the most transformation can happen. The following outline is not the exact flow of what your 4-month program could look like.


INTENSIVE 1) Desire-Mapping

Rather than looking explicitly at your problems and focusing on them, we are going to direct attention toward your desires, giving you a higher vision of who you can be and how you can live your life in the most transformative, alive and awakened way possible. Desires are the key to self-realization. They’re the impulses and pings of realization that come from your Higher Self and the Universe at large, and following them transforms your reality, creating an expansive space to wake up from within.

Through the Desire Mapping process we will utilize visualization and meditations to find out together what you really want and then how integrate, heal and resolve issues happening within, preventing full completion from traveling the pathway to achieving those desires. We will encounter parts of yourself holding you back from your true desires, and through the process of discovering these parts we’ll deepen into an understanding of self-love and begin adopting a sexual self-care routine.

INTENSIVE 2) Understanding Your Shadows, Sexual Belief Systems & Inner Reality: Imprinting Self-Love & Pleasure into your Spiritual Life

This intensive is an introductory session on how to get to know your shadows better so they’re not so scary, and so they stop having so much unconscious control of your life. It’s all about taking a deep-dive into understanding better why you have the blocks you have, and how focusing on the desire system will help you get what you want. We’ll take a plunge into the shadow world, offering liberation and spaciousness for self-discovery and transformation.

Often people fear the shadows–we’re nervous about what may be lurking in the dark corners of our subconscious. The issue though is that even when we’re ignoring or don’t know what’s lurking in the shadow spaces, the shadow spaces still control our lives by dictating our actions, responses and understandings of ourselves. This session (and all our sessions together) will be all about giving those dark corners much love, compassion and understanding–illuminating them so they can actually shift, move and transform into deep healing power, which helps you utilize that power through making your life and this world a better place.


INTENSIVE 3) Liberating the Family Dynamic + Revealing Religious & Cultural Shame

We will look at any issues, blockages, or fears holding you back from your desires, based on your relationships to your family of origin and/or cultural/religious beliefs and shaming. This process will help you move into recognition and self-compassion and self-understanding of why you may have the belief systems or sexual realities that you live with, why you’re totally normal, and how you can actively shift, change and transform your pain and wounds.

This intensive is all about replacing familial habitual patterns and recovering the unconscious self-expression that once upon a time got lost, restoring yourself into wholeness. We’ll discover and heal your lost, false and shadow selves created when certain parts of yourself were punished, denied, ignored, threatened or made unsafe, or when certain parts of yourself were expressed and you didn’t receive love because of it.

Through the embodied practices and tools offered in this session we’ll create new neurological patterns and ways of being that are in alignment with your deepest truth.

This intensive helps you move beyond being just a victim of circumstance to the abuse, cultural and religious paradigms, gender or sexual injustices you’ve experienced throughout life, and offers you an opportunity to step into alignment with your truth, your power, and your sacred and sexual being. Together we focus and create a space for you to enter an empowered reality in which you create your own sexual belief systems.

INTENSIVE 4) Embracing Your Inner Child with Love and Compassion

The fundamental way we can shift consciousness on this planet is to heal ourselves. And the biggest way to heal ourselves is to offer ourselves the love and compassion that we have not received from the world. Once we understand how to give that to ourselves, we can move into offering that to others. This is how we sustain deep sacred activism and become active culture-changers, no matter what field we work or play in.

Many people don’t realize how their inner child subpersonality is controlling their sexuality and love life through thought patterns, beliefs, imprints and wounding that was experienced in childhood. Often this aspect of ourselves can be the biggest contributor to any blocks, numbness, disconnection or pain we experience in our sexuality.

The inner child lives within you through unconscious and subconscious imprinting from childhood, which controls your behavior and the primal and limbic parts of your nervous system. This intensive is all about reliving the inner child from her role of having control in your sexual life and reality, offering her the love and compassion she didn’t receive that created her sense of needing to control this part of you, and developing an integrated and transformative relationship with her so you can move into living your sexual reality from an empowered and sacred place.


INTENSIVE 5) Building an Empowered Internal Ecology of Thriving

Most of us have been conditioned into not loving our sexual selves–whether it’s because we’re too sexual or we’re not sexual enough. Shame, guilt, fear and judgment cloud our relationship with our bodies and sexualities.

This intensive is all about creating an internal ecology so you can THRIVE in your sexuality! Thriving will help you feel magnetic, radiant and worthy, and live life in an empowered and visionary way. It will help you fulfill your dreams, understand your truth and help you tap into your soul purpose on this planet.

Most of us have things blocking us from this level of thriving though, so this intensive helps you get clear on your blocks and create a new blueprint to live by. Understanding how you can sexually thrive is the key to you getting the depth of transformation you desire.

INTENSIVE 6) Feeling Worthy and Deserving of your Desires – Embodied Manifestation & the Sacred Power of your Pleasure

Whether we recognize it or not, so many of us don’t feel worthy or deserving of our desires, especially when it comes to love, sex and intimacy. This intensive focuses on understanding the unmet needs, internal fragmentation or disintegration, and ancestral wounds that may be holding you back from feeling worthy and deserving of your authentic sexual power and pleasure.

This intensive offers an opportunity for integration with pieces of yourself or your ancestry that are holding you back from your wisdom, truth and connection to this world, yourself and others. We’ll be utilizing an incredible ritual process that allows you to understand the sacred power of your pleasure and how to use it for manifestation and creating consecrated transformation within yourself and on this planet.


INTENSIVE 7) Deep Journey into the Self — Waking up to Your True Self

In this intensive we will work with your empowering truth, a belief system that if fully owned and embodied is in service of your true desires. In other words, your empowering truth has the potential to get you what you want in your sexuality and life.

We will work with both your spiritual and human consciousness.

On the spiritual level, we’ll be awakening to knowing you are not your thoughts, mind and feelings. You are pure presence and consciousness. There is great healing in the recognition of being whole and complete just as you are. And the healing process that follows is one of letting things fall into alignment rather than going in and fixing what’s broken. Waking up to this, to your true self, isn’t something we can force or create on our own. It’s an organic process that will evolve over time. But this session creates a container in which you can understand spiritual-bypassing and begin exploring a reality in which we begin understanding that the core, unchanging, perfected whole part of you is always inside your being.

On the human level we’ll be looking at self-knowledge: knowing your unconscious mind, your tendencies and habits and the specific flavors of who you are. If you skip this necessary part of knowledge and exploration it often leads to a very nonintegrated experience. True liberation comes from exploring your human aspect of reality and knowing your sensations, emotions, thought patterns and the whole narrative of who you are.Dropping into the human experience can be scary–we often want to run away from our emotions, sensations and feelings. But this intensive will give you an opportunity to safely experience what being human is all about.

INTENSIVE 8) Self-Pleasuring as a Spiritual Practice

This intensive is all about discovering the intentional power of self-pleasure and how dynamic and transformative your sexuality really is. Transformation starts and is anchored in the way we experience self-pleasure, and by extension, sex. How we touch ourselves and self-pleasure offers a reflection of so much more than just our sexuality–it offers a reflection of our relationship to ourselves, to the world, to others and to our spirituality.

So many of us feel disconnected from our body in self-pleasure. You may fantasize, feel guilty, space out or bring old baggage and emotional wounds into self-pleasuring and sexual situations. Or you may just avoid self-pleasuring all together.

The thing is, if we change the way we self-pleasure into an intentional practice of deep connection and intimacy with our self, developing a greater connection to self-love and self-acceptance, tapping into relaxation and a surrendered state of openness and free-flow of energy through the body, I firmly believe we would live in a radically different world.

This intensive is all about transforming the way you can touch yourself in self-pleasure (and therefore how you approach sex and sexuality at large). Self-pleasuring can be used as a conscious, empowering practice rooted in sacred activism and active transformation. This session will help you understand this on a deeper level.