Obsidian Yoni Wand


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1) This is a gemstone yoni wand (also called stone dildos, Shakti wands) that can be used for crystal healing or massages. This is a non-vibrating dildo with double ends, for solo or couple play. Made of 100% natural and genuine black obsidian, beautifully designed and masterfully carved.

2) This gemstone wand is polished so smoothly that they require minimal lubrication. You can use ANY type of lubricants — water-based, oil-based or silicone-based. This is particularly important for those who are sensitive to particular lubricants.

3) Obsidian is a volcanic mineral rock. The gemstone quality of obsidian is dense, solid and non-porous, and is inert towards any type of lubricants, soaps, or detergents, even at high temperature, making it a much safer material than silicon, metals, or woods.

4) Obsidian is formed when volcanic lava comes into contact with water. The result is a gemstone cooled so fast that it doesn’t have time to crystallize, resulting in a stone with a shiny, glassy texture with smooth and uniform structure. It’s a powerful piece of earth connecting to your most sacred portal.

5) We certify that the obsidian product you purchase is made of 100% natural & genuine obsidian without any dyeing or chemical treatment, and is carved and polished in accordance with recognized industry quality standard and is guaranteed for workmanship.

Mineral formula: 70–75% SiO2 with water, plus MgO, Fe3O4.
Mohs hardness: 5.0 – 6.0
Specific gravity: 2.4 – 2.7
Reflective index: 1.45 – 1.55

6) Obsidian is a protective gemstone that shields against negativity and absorbs harmful energies from the environment. This stone is believed to reduce the pain of arthritis, help joint problems, ease cramp, and aid digestion. This stone can also help in proper blood circulation and ease stomach problems. In terms of using it as a yoni wand, it’s known for deep clearing, purification and healing. It can be an intensive stone for some, as it has a tendency to draw out toxins, stagnant energy and stuck trauma.  Obsidian is also excellent to assist in releasing disharmony, resentment, fear and anger that have built up both in your yoni and your life. It has an excellent spiritual grounding vibration and strong psychic protection energy, making it an excellent gemstone to use in spiritual and healing works.

Sanitize the obsidian product before your first use. After use, clean, dry, wrap it in a soft cloth, and then store it in the provided pouch. You can sanitize it by washing it with soap then rinsing thoroughly with clean water.

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