Are you ready to awaken the WILD FEMME within?
If you’ve felt disempowered in your sexuality, numb or pain during sexual intimacy, shame or self-loathing of your body, fear around expressing yourself sexually, embarrassment for being a sexual being, unsure about your sexual desires or interests… you are not alone and it is not your fault.

The oppression of women’s sexualities has dominated the world for centuries. We’ve been indoctrinated in The Gospel of Sex Shame whether we wanted to be or not. Due to this INTENSE fear of women’s bodies–that actually stems from the innate POWER of women’s sexualities–we’ve numbed ourselves out, disconnecting from our sexual centers and loathing our bodies.

The wild femme is the energy that so many in our world fear. The energy that has been abused, abandoned, shuttered up in a house, stuffed into a closet. And yet, this energy is the energy of creation itself. Of freedom. Of truth. The energy of RAW POWER.

The Gospel of Sex Shame has no game when it meets a person who knows herself, her body and her sacred, sexual power. A person who allows the wild femme to live within and play with the universe. That person is you. Whether you know it yet, it’s already you.

This jade egg intensive offers you an incredible journey in which you’re taught advanced and in-depth rituals, tools, techniques and practices you won’t find detailed this thoroughly anywhere else to tap into the powers of the wild femme within.

Transform your pain.

Reclaim your power.

Change the planet through the wild femme within, awakening collective consciousness.

Connect your heart, soul, body & pussy with this transformational jade egg intensive.

There’s a lot of people out there defining who we are for us.
I’m not here to do that.

The wild feminine is the wild femme is the wild women is the WILDNESS that we all possess within us that has been stamped out by centuries of repression.

The wild femme isn’t about WOMEN, just as much as it’s not about men. It’s actually quite genderless. And YET, it IS feminine. And it is WILD.

The wild femme howls.

The wild femme worships pleasure.

The wild femme surrenders her body to the waves.

The wild femme laughs, she cackles.

The wild femme rages, she’s ferocious.

The wild femme is embodied.

In the body.

Lives as an impulse in the body.

The impulses we all try to stuff down.

As a country, a nation, a world we repress,

and we repress,

and we repress,

and we repress.

We fight against everything in our body.

We fight against what hurts.

And we fight against what feels good.

But ultimately, what we are fighting against

is our natural born ability to ENJOY life,

to have pleasure,

to cry,

to laugh,

to smell,

to taste,

to cuddle,

to touch,

to be with each other,

to be with our own hearts.

We are living our a cultural, human lineage of repressing the


This has been happening for thousands of years.

And the work we are being called to do, collectively, is to awaken this wild femme within, reclaiming your sacred and sexual powers.

That is the profound work we do here, together.

Week-by-week breakdown of the jade egg intensive


Look forward with intention setting and a deep pleasure practice that lays the foundation for creating a sacred relationship to your sexuality while reclaiming your wild femme sexual power. 


This week is all about going deep and helping you clear out and integrate any stuck energy, trauma, pain or residue from relationships and repression in your body and sacred sexual center.


It’s not just psychological power we’re gaining here–it’s also physical PUSSY POWER! This session covers how to safely use the jade egg with weight to tone and strengthen your pelvic floor.


Since this jade egg work goes deep into our emotional and psychological realms, this week offers extra nurturance to your system with time off to rest, reflect and renew.


Accessing the wild femme within is a key component to reclaiming your sacred sexual power. This practice helps you feel greater sexual freedom and liberation in sex and in life.


So often we equate sexy on one side of a spectrum and sacred on the other. This practice bridges the two, feeling empowered in your sexuality, embracing your sacred and sexy wild femme self!


Bring your experience to a completion through a 60-minute closing ceremony, setting action steps for how to move forward with these powerful tools, rituals and experiences.


After completing the program, gain access to the Sex Magic Manifestation Module, complete with guidebooks, practices, rituals and more to create your own sex magic ritual.

What do you receive with this 6 week intensive?
☾ 1 drilled and certified medium sized Canadian Nephrite jade egg
☾ Jade Egg ebook with in-depth information on jade egg basics: jade egg care, cleaning, how to string the egg, how to insert, the history of the jade egg and more
☾ 4 recorded warm-up practices + two breast massage practices offered via mp3 before the program begins, so you can jump start your healing
☾ 6 Module Lecture Videos, so you become acquainted with the week’s theme topic and receive answers to your questions
☾ 6 unique 90-minute Jade Egg ritual sessions catered toward specific weekly themes offered live via the program Zoom 
☾ 6 weekly audio recordings of shortened live practices that you can use for personal practice time both during the intensive and after
☾ Online portal where all recordings are kept for easy organization
☾ Video recordings of each live practice session for you to have access to forever
☾ Facebook sisterhood community so you can create deep bonds with other people going through the same processes as you
☾ Optional Moon Sister pairings so you can have an accountability and support buddy throughout the 6-week program (and longer if you choose!)
☾ Email coaching and support for 6 weeks, M-F during business hours
Before the intensive I really felt a lack of true connection to my sensual, sexy self. After the intensive I now feel that my greatest power lies in my womb. She is the seat of ALL power! I now feel whole. The practices lined up perfectly to everything happening in my life… and all of the teachings were, “Move On. Embrace Life. Live Joyously.” I feel much less shame–hardly any, actually–and much more connected to who I am as a woman and Creator of my life. Pleasure Is Good. I have the power to give myself pleasure and I don’t “need” to feel guilty about it… I can ask for what I want, and for these requests to be met by my lover. This is GOOD!!!
- Laura A.

Rachel’s ability to dive into her deep inner work and to share that work with a group of sisters is such a gift. She is both tender and courageous, willing to “go there” in the deepest sense and also willing to hold space for others to “go there.” Her intensive touches on the fragmentation and reuniting of our sacred wholeness and our sexual power. Through this work we are welcoming ourselves in our wholeness and also connecting with others around the globe who are part of this evolution and revolution. Rachel speaks directly to many of the issues that we face individually and collectively in our sexuality, embodiment, and spirituality, so I feel there is something in this material for everyone. I am learning to find my pleasure in the deep work, and Rachel has been a facilitator in that. RAAWWR!
- Dana K.S.

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Rachel (though many call me Rae). I am a sacred sexuality specialist, helping spiritual seekers remove shame and blocks from their sexuality, reigniting passion and pleasure in a deep, holistic and integrated way.

I am a nature lovin’, soul-guided, visionary truth-teller with a forest nymph vibe. I am a shadowworker with a strong desire for all people to be empowered in their truth–to express and embrace their authentic, sexual selves as radiant, wise and powerful.

With a history of sexual abuse, I did years of therapy and self-growth to help me overcome my sexual blocks. I got to a place of feeling mentally free of trauma… but I still disliked sex and had a big fear of sexual intimacy in relationships.

Fed up with my lack of sexual desire, I recognized my sexuality must be deeply connected with my spirituality, yet had no clue how to tap into my sacred sexual powers. Through universal guidance and fabulous synchronicity, an email from Layla Martin–my now mentor and teacher–landed in my inbox, offering the jade egg practice. I had NO idea what it was about, and honestly the idea of sticking a crystal up my vagina was a little strange, but something deep inside of me screamed DO IT!

So I did. And my life was forever changed.

With an M.A. in Religion, I extensively researched sexual and spiritual healing through neuroscience, trauma recovery and embodied interspirituality, focusing on holistic healing for those marginalized or spiritually traumatized by the Christian Church through LGBTQ+ identification and/or sexual suppression or abuse. 

I also completed a 600-hr Sex, Love and Relationship coaching program from the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality, with a specialization in the jade egg.

This work radically shifted my life, and my desire is that it does the same for you.

The time is NOW! Reclaim your sacred and sexual power!
“I’ve done different spiritual workshops, reatreats, etc. and honestly this may have been the most worth it of them all. It was the best investment!! Thank you so much for sharing this work. I’m integrating this experience and intend to keep these practices as a core part of my life and spiritual practice.”
- Emma A.

My biggest take away from this intensive was learning a new way to commune with my yoni. To see her, talk to her, listen to and interact with her. No one ever taught me about the sacredness of my own body / yoni, let alone to even think about her. I’ve been looking to strengthen the connection with my womb and yoni for a long time. This intensive taught me practical tools and practices to help me reconnect with this wise and sacred part of myself. My world will never be the same!
- J. Sanders

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an egg and never use it. When I did I didn't feel much. Will I get anything out of this?
I see it over and over again: people getting an egg and then having no idea what to do with it and not quite getting the results they’re promised. And I’ll be honest: working on your own often won’t get you the results you desire. To really get the deep results that are actually possible with the jade egg, you need to know holistic practices and step-by-step instructions and guides on how to do them. This enhances the practice about 10x. When people tell me they own a yoni egg, I so badly want them to know the practices they can actually do with the yoni egg, because it seems nearly tragic to work with the egg without that ancient wisdom. Many people who own yoni eggs and then have done classes or workshops with me have said they got so much from the led practices: tapped into their bodies in deeper and greater ways, had the benefit of a community to share with and learn from, felt radical transformation through the embodiment of the practices, received direct transmissions from the teachings, and had a greater understanding on how to use the egg in sacred and sexy ways.
I’ve never done anything like this before. Am I capable of doing this program?
The jade egg was the first sexual embodiment practice I ever utilized in my sexuality and healing journey, and it is STILL to this day the #1 transformational tool in my tool box! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done any sort of sexuality work before, and have no idea what Tantra is.. It doesn’t matter if you barely touch yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’ve experienced trauma. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bonified sex queen already. I guarantee that you will be able to do the jade egg practices in the way you’re meant to do them, and that they will transform your life regardless of where you are at in your relationship with your sexuality.
What if I can’t keep up with the pace of the intensive?
I’m the first to know that this work is PROFOUND and INTENSE! I also know that I possess magic super powers in taking people really deep. But please don’t let that scare you away! I’m all for you doing this at your own pace.

There will be a group momentum happening, so staying in-tune with the group helps, but you’ll have access to all the calls and information for years (as long as Facebook groups remain a thing), and so if you can’t get through it all in the 6 weeks of the program, do not worry about it! You’ll have the information downloaded on your computer for whenever you can do it.

Additionally, I built in a week of integration because I knew it would be important for everyone to have time to catch-up midway through the program. During that week of integration there will be a live coaching call for anyone who needs to be more deeply coached through a process that’s happening for them. This will be different than our Q&A calls, which focus more on questions about the processes than coaching on a particular experience (though of course the two can intersect).

I want to do this, but I have sexual trauma and I’m not sure if this will be good for me or not?
The jade egg practice was the best healing tool for my sexual trauma. I think it’s one of the most beautiful ways for people to heal… IF they’re ready to do the work. If you have active trauma, as in the event just recently happened and you haven’t processed it with a therapist or any other sort of coach or guide, then this might not be the best program for you. I would recommend doing 1-on-1 work so you can get extra support.

If you have residual sexual trauma that you’ve been working with for years that you’ve done other healing practices or have gone to therapy for, and you feel like you’re still stuck with the effects of trauma on your sexual life but overall you’re dedicated to growth and deep transformation, then YES!!! This intensive is going to be amazing for you! You’re a perfect fit. It might be challenging, and yes you might have to look some shadows in the face. But I promise you’ll be held in a container of love, safety and belonging and I will do my absolute best to partner with you through your process. If you have trauma and you’re worried about the program, reach out to me here.

What if I have an awesome sex life and no trauma? Is this still good for me?
YES!! It will be AMAZING for you. This isnt a program dedicated solely to trauma healing. Week 2’s module is a deep cleansing purification process that will help you cleanse any trauma that you may have picked up in your body whether you’ve been actively traumatized or not. All the other week’s modules are focused more on pleasure and celebration and orgasmic sensations, getting in touch with your body and really connecting the sacred and the sexy in your life. The overall focus is on integrating our sexuality with our spirituality, and finding self-care and self-pleasure daily rituals that enhance your relationship to both yourself and the Universe/Divine/Cosmic Oneness. Plus having EPIC orgams, experiencing pleasure in parts of your yoni you never knew could experience pleasure, and creating more wetness and sensations in your body than you can currently imagine.
Will the egg get stuck up there?
No. There’s actually no way for your to lose the egg. But the eggs I work with have a drilled hole in them and I strongly suggest (and instruct) you to use a string/floss with the egg so you can remove it easily and without worry.
How much time do I need to dedicate to this?
Each week there are 90 minute practice sessions and 60 minute Q&A calls, so 2.5 hours total. You’ll receive shortened mp3 recordings of practices that are 15-25 minutes long that you do on your own time throughout the week. Really though, it’s up to you how much time you invest in this experience. If you want to do it in it’s fullness, then I’d suggest setting aside about 3 hours a week to really get the maximum benefits. But you’ll have recordings of everything and can move at your own pace.
I am pregnant. Can I use the jade egg?
I’m sorry, but unfortunately the answer is no. I do not recommend using a jade egg while pregnant. It’s contraindicated in the thousand year-old tradition. Some people do teach to women who are pregnant, but since no scientific studies have been conducted on whether or not its okay to use the jade egg during pregnancy, I prefer to err on the side of caution and say don’t use it.

The jade egg is HIGHLY recommended after birth though. It helps you tone your pelvic floor, helps with prolapse, increases your libido, helps with self-love and sexiness and so much more! It’s also okay to do use the jade egg if you’re trying to get pregnant (it can actually help with fertility), and finally, you can do the practices WITHOUT the egg inserted if you are pregnant, though to get the most out of it I would say just come back to the work when you’re no longer pregnant.

What makes this jade egg intensive different than other jade egg offerings online or in person?
This jade egg intensive is going SUPER DEEP. What makes it different?

Well, for one it’s more in-depth than anything else I know out there. Most online sexuality programs are pre-recorded videos set up like a classroom. This is not. All of these practices are offered LIVE. Plus, you get 1-on-1 attention through email coaching.

I’m also taking you into the more sacred dimensions of this practice, really focusing on how to embody your sacred and sexy self in the world. Many other jade egg courses are more generalized than this, and don’t have that deeply spiritual component of this work.

I teach jade egg in-person and although I LOVE doing that, I’m actually more excited about the structure of this online course as it gives me a lot more time to offer you in-depth information. We get to go deeper into the WHY and HOW of these practices, and there’s a deeper container created through the Facebook community and presence of everyone being in this together.

Can I do this intensive without having a Facebook account?
Yes, you can! Honestly, it can be difficult to miss out on the Facebook group component of the intensive. It’s really great to connect with others and share your experiences. But if you don’t have Facebook, reach out to me and we’ll make it work for you.

One possibility is to get a fake Facebook account that’s associated to a “fake” email address. That way you can be a part of the intensive, but disable your account afterwords and not have to really be a part of the whole “facebook” thing, if you’d rather not be.

This feels like a lot of money and I don’t know if I can justify spending this much. Will it really be worth it?
I know this can feel like a big investment, especially if you’re not used to investing in yourself. And I know the struggle of trying to figure out if something is worth spending a big chunk of money! The first thing I do in these situations is let my intuition lead. If I feel a strong pull in my heart towards something, I listen to that. Do I really want money to be the thing that interferes with something that I intuitively know will offer deep healing and transformational growth? I also tune into WHY I’m saying I “can’t” afford something. Can I really, truly not afford it? Or am I choosing to spend my money elsewhere instead?

I also look back at all the times I’ve made a monetarily investment in myself, and I know that the value I received is almost tenfold what I paid. I can’t answer whether you can justify spending the money on this or not. I do know that when I was only making $750/month in grad school, I chose to invest in the most expensive thing I had ever done in my life: The Love, Sex, and Relationship Certification with the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. Rationally “I couldn’t afford it,” and yet in my heart I knew I had to make it happen, so I put trust into the Universe that it would be “worth it.” And it was the BEST decision I ever made in my entire life.

Reach out if money is the only thing preventing you from joining this intensive and we can have a chat about it. I will NOT try to convince you to spend your money on this—that’s not my job and that just feels straight up icky. I will help you see if this intensive is alignment with you right now or not, and then you can make the choice of where to invest your money.

I’m not sure if the timing is right. Will you be doing this again?
Yes, I’ll be offering other jade egg classes and programs again, but probably not until the autumn of 2018 (though I run my programs intuitively so I’m not 100% sure on the dates) and it may not be in this format. If the timing doesn’t feel right, you can work with me 1-on-1 in the Sexual Alchemy Transformation Container, or through a jade egg transformation package. Reach out here.
I still have unanswered questions. What should I do?
Please use the form below to schedule a 15-minute call with me to really feel into whether you have a YES for this intensive or not, and to ask any other questions you may have that haven’t been answered anywhere else. You can also email me at I will never try to convince you to do something you’re not interested in doing. It’s purely an opportunity to talk it out and feel into if this is right for you or not.

More questions? Want to schedule a chat to talk details?
Fill out the form below with your questions!

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Rachel truly has a gift for creating a completely safe space for exploration of such intimate material. I was often astonished at how deep we were going, in the company of women I mostly didn’t know well, and all (apparently) feeling completely safe. I also really appreciate her meticulous information (both during class and in the handouts she sent us) and the way she walked us through the practices verbally before we actually did them. That was all helpful to me. Rachel’s the bomb!
Diana R.

I am surprised that all of this is so simple. It’s about the power of pleasure and the happiness of being happy. AND IT’S POWERFUL. I know from the past that it’s not just opening the door to learning something that creates change… it’s the daily practice that allows the mind to continue releasing toxic patterns and build new synapses. I hope to continue to live with this energy flowing in me and use these practices Rachel taught in my life. I thank Rachel greatly for all of this. She is offering this wisdom fully and whole heartedly and beautifully. I am certain all of us are being healed beyond what we could imagine.
Mary Green