Do you live with religious & cultural shame, guilt or fear around your sexuality…  

… & crave your natural, wild & divinely-given sexual pleasure & power instead?

What if you could remove pain, numbness and sexual disinterest, and instead feel…  

Sacred in your sexiness? Holy in your sexuality? Divine in your orgasmic ecstasy? And whole in who you are? 



This book offers you liberation from religious & cultural shame, guilt or trauma holding you back from the sex, love & intimacy you crave.


But this isn’t just some book offering theories on how to re-find pleasure in your life. This is a book of sacred activism, offering tools you can use to empower yourself to be who you want to be and live the life you want to live.
What you can expect to find in the pages of Sacred, Sexy & Whole:


Scientific explanations for the “mystery” of how and why you are sexually blocked, & why it’s not your fault.


Dynamic stories of the healing process, plus tools that allow you to manifest transcendent sex and intimacy you truly desire.


Transformative and ritualistic practices connecting you to your innate wisdom and sexuality in a sacred, holy and sexy way.



Were you told your purity was the only thing of worth about you,
that if you lost your virginity you became damaged goods?

Did you learn that women just don’t enjoy sex as much as men,
and that women shouldn’t have sexual desire?

Have you felt self-conscious for being in your body? Like people oggled you,
while pouring silent judgments out of their eyeballs?

Were you told women’s bodies and clothing cause men to “stumble” with lust?
That you’re responsible for keeping other’s “desire” in their pants?
And if they didn’t keep it in their pants, it was somehow your fault?

Yeah. Sadly, you’re not the only one.

But want to hear the great news?


You don’t have to live with those belief systems
or the shame they’ve caused any longer!

Follow your soul’s call
for liberation…

YOU deserve to experience pleasure as an ecstastic prayer & orgasm as sacred union with the Divine!


About the Author

I’m not a fan of those generic about me greetings that feel impersonal and inauthentic.
I want you to know who I am.

And I want to know who you are.

And I’m beyond happy we are “meeting” here in virtual space.

I feel like I was put on this planet to share this infomation openly with you, so I’m glad you’re on the other side receiving it.

My desire is for all people to be empowered in their truth—to express and embrace their authentic, sexual selves as radiant, wise and powerful. If that’s what you desire or feel is deep in your heart, you’re in the right place.


My name is Rachel Halder (though many refer me as Rae) and I am a nature lovin’, soul-guided, visionary truth-teller.

At age 22 I re-remembered my childhood sexual abuse, which sent me on a deep introspective and self-development journey where I confronted my trauma, lack of sexual desire, why I was having painful sex and my massive disconnection in intimacy.


This journey led me to sticking a jade egg up my vagina and doing embodied and somatic sexual practices that were frankly kind of weird (but AWESOME) and opened my heart, reconnecting me to my sexuality and sensuality in a way that no other therapy, self-help book, spiritual practice or meditation was able to.


I went on to receive an M.A. in Religion, writing a thesis titled “Undressing Purity Culture: Finding Sexual and Spiritual Healing through Neuroscience, Trauma Recovery, and Embodied Inter-Spirituality,” focused on holistic healing for those marginalized or spiritually traumatized by the Christian Church through LGBTQ+ identification and/or sexual suppression or abuse.


I also completed a 600-hour Integrated Sex, Love and Relationship coaching program from the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality, and am a Sacred Sexuality Coach and expert at the intersection of religion, sexuality and trauma healing.

With a previously painful history of sexual abuse and the experience of “coming out” queer in my Mennonite community, I have found that embodying our sexual and authentic selves is deep, sacred activism and some of the most needed medicine in our world today.

This work radically shifted my life, and my desire is that it does the same for you.


This ebook is needed for the world. It’s clear, concise and profound.

“I’ve done so much work in these areas and yet Rachel’s language really helped bring more clarity to my disconnection. Having words that parallel my experience validates and brings desire to holistically move through the remaining cultural and spiritual shame and guilt around my sexuality. Sacred, Sexy & Whole is right up there with Naomi Wolf’s book Vagina, which was the starting game changer for me.”

Melissa Henige

Love, Sex & Relatonship Coach


Rachel’s work is like a map or guide into understanding who we are. 

“I went on a journey when I read Sacred, Sexy & Whole. It’s gutsy, insightful and moving. As someone who works in ministry, I hear a lot about other’s traumatic experiences. Rachel’s discussion on trauma significantly expanded my understanding of how trauma affects people. My compassion has grown and my ears will be better listeners. I am so glad I tuned into this message.”  

Brooke Hillebrand

Church Ministry & Community Life Leader


This ebook is a massive game-changer for experiencing your sexuality as sacred!

“If you were raised in a conservative Christian environment like me and have wondered why you feel disconnected from your sexuality and body, Sacred, Sexy & Whole provides the clarity you’ve been looking for. This ebook offered immense clarity around the source of my sexual guilt, shame and trauma, and gave healing modalities based in different spiritual traditions and modern science that worked!” 

Lacey Broussard

Birth Doula and Sex, Love & Relationship Coach for Moms

Sacred, Sexy & Whole:


Undressing Purity Culture, Redressing Redemption